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  1. I ended up just disconnecting the plug for the sensor and that was that. The sensor appears to be molded into the plastics lining the aluminum back cover so I would need a new cover to replace it if I ever could find the sensor itself. Not much of an issue for me though as I found the sensor more annoying than useful to be honest. I am curious if they determined if the fault was just the sensor, or if something like a power fault on the main board caused the sensor to malfunction.
  2. My phone has run into this issue as of today as well. The sensor is hot enough to burn you and it gets that way as soon as the phone is powered on. I'm probably just going to disconnect the sensor since it appears to just be attached to the main board with a removable connector looking at tear-down photos. I am a little shocked to see how common of an issue this is with fingerprint sensors in general.
  3. I know that feeling. I'm at this very moment almost next door to the FedEx sort facility my phone is at- I can see it from outside, but I can't pick it up because there's no hold allowed on the package so I have to wait until Monday.
  4. They told me the same thing when I called a little while ago confirming my suspicions.
  5. I highly doubt that "waiting for the next available flight" takes 5 days. If I had to guess our packages are probably in the corner of a warehouse that's either unstaffed or understaffed during the holidays. The timing is just too coincidental considering Taiwan celebrates CNY. The packages are probably still in Expansys' hands and haven't made it over to FedEx (Never mind, I believe Expansys was only shipping from CN to HK, so FedEx is probably to blame here) When I'm able to call FedEx later I'll post what they tell me.
  6. Just realized that those of us with our phones stuck in Taiwan probably got unlucky that they didn't leave before CNY started on the 23rd, which is the day of the last actual movement update for any of our devices. My delivery date also changed to pending instead of giving a date. Guess I'll contact FedEx to make sure.
  7. Yeah, I'm really hoping not too. My phone (a once retired S4) is going to give out any day now so . I just hope that maybe by some miracle it will just suddenly show up today or tomorrow, but I'm pretty doubtful.
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