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  1. So here's an unexpected twist. It took me a while to get around to actually packing up the phone to send it, but friday I finally made some time. I figured I'd flash it back to stock before sending it - it was still running the test12 or test13 build. I'm not sure but I don't think this was a requirement per sรฉ as long as it was running android - I figured it be less work for support. Anyhow as I was going to box it up, I thought I'd just check the camera one more time ... and lo and behold it's working again. I took it from the firmware in the guide through all the updates so it
  2. @tdm thanks for the diagnosis....sad, but not entirely unexpected. I don't know if the support team has been following this thread as well but I received instructions today to send it to London so they can have a further look at what's wrong and how to deal with that. I guess I'll be missing my ๐Ÿค for a bit, on the upside you might have gotten to an official build by that time. I've already ordered a banana-yellow banana phone to tide me over as my old device was also failing. At least it's also I slider of sorts :P. Will be having a look at/playing around with GerdaOS.
  3. Although I was never really a fan of this type of sleeve over just a rubber skin type cover I ordered this one as well and it does fit perfectly - quality is great too. It was a bit expensive...I think something like 30 or 35 euro's + shipping. in any case I do think it was well worth it.
  4. I used both files from test12. Since I'm now on boot11 anyways I 'll retry flashing the test12 zip to see what that does. ...tomorrow...bc it's another early day tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜›
  5. @tdm I ran the commands you asked me to, (on test11, bc test12 would'nt boot but that's for the other thread). If I understood the output from dumpsys media.camera correctly it's basically only reporting on the front facing camera - finding only 1 camera device. Then had a look at the dmesg output. not quite sure what's going on here but simply doing a search for 'camera' gives a bunch of related fails and errors....and a naming collision for the flash (could this be why the flashlight doesn't work in LOS, but does work in stock?). Fun detail - flash doesn't work again in LOS. I h
  6. I'm also getting stuck not booting with test12. Recovery helpfully explains Android system can't be loaded and offers a factory reset (doesn't help). Will go back to test 11 to get dmesg for my camera issue. Afterwards I can get diagnostics on the boot issue if given proper instructions....
  7. This is what I figured, most...probably all...custom roms I've previously used have typically used closed source blobs for the camera (and plenty of other hw). Tried getting the dmesg but doesn't work on unrooted stock๐Ÿ˜…. So'll have a go tonight at flashing test12 and getting the dmesg. Also curious to see if the flashlight is going to work or not. But first...dinner (pancakes๐Ÿฅณ)
  8. @DieBruine what do you mean by hard-reset? Factory rest from android, factory reset from bootloader, .... ? 'm willing to do as many hard-resets as required (and humanly feasible say ...<10? <20?) to get it working without having to send my device back or away ๐Ÿ˜› and waiting for it to come back
  9. @Slion that would seem to be a common thread. I just don't understand why the issue would persist after completely reverting to stock using the fastboot method posted by @Waxberry. To my mind that should undo pretty much all changes that LOS might make given that most if not all partitions were overwritten include what looks to be device config, system and vendor partitions. I tried the factory restore tool by @tdm, but unfortunately got unspecified errors. Perhaps @Waxberry or @tdm could shed some light/insights on how or why this issue would persist. Is it possible that some of the L
  10. @cinaeco your response was the one I was sort of expecting, but hoping to avoid. Anyhow..I'm now back on stock and the camera is still not working :(, so I guess it's time to open a support ticket. Interestingly enough the flashlight does work on stock. I was expecting it to not work like it didn't on lineage....
  11. Has anyone experienced the rear camera (and flashlight) just quitting? I did drop it the other day but the camera was still working afterwards. Then without any notice it just stopped working; the flashlight tile in the quick settings is also greyed out :(. If anyone has any thoughts on how to figure out whether this is a hardware or a software issue I'll be much obliged. I've already tried re-flashing lineage os test build 11 (in case it was a bug of some sort), but to no avail. (I was just getting around to making this my daily driver :() Next stop I will probably go back to stoc
  12. So I did some googling on microg and signature spoofing and found some useful bits on the lineage page of the microg project: https://lineage.microg.org/ "Can you add support for my device? It is officially supported by LineageOS We already build LineageOS for microG for every device supported by LineageOS. Find your device in our Downloads page!" So @tdm just forget about my request and focus on getting the build to the official stage...and an official unofficial microg build should magically appear ๐Ÿ˜ƒ For anyone interested in why lineageos doesn't officially support the signa
  13. @tdm: Thanks for all the hard work :). As I've said before somewhere I want to try and go googlefree, with microg. From what I gather signature-spoofing is required for some things and I know @Loader009 did a one-off build with support for this. I have no idea how much work this would be and if it's something you're up for, but would it be possible to get a micro-g ready build together with the regular build? I've been thinking about setting up a build and release pipeline myself, but all of my experience with this is limited to azure resources and database stuff as I'm a bi-develope
  14. @Loader009: Looking at your discussion with @tdm about enabling shell in recovery I gather that you've also not yet been able to get Nanodroid working. I've been wondering whether things would be easier with the TWRP-build in the SailfishOS thread, but haven't quite gotten around to trying that - probably next weekend. If you did manage to pull it off I'd be very happy to hear how you did it :).
  15. So I flashed test-build 3 and everything was fine. Made sure to flash recovery to a and then flash the zip to b. The only problem I'm running into is that I am having trouble sideloading nanodroid over adb :(. At first I just tried to sideload from recovery, but then realized that if I was in recovery with b active it would probably try to install it to partition a which is not where I flashed the .zip. -- rereading the instructions on the page about flashing gapps and they point this out as well. Anyhow...then proceeded to set partition a to active before flashing, but st
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