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  1. I also have been experiencing this issue, even as I was trying to log into the forums to post this reply I encountered the missing input issue.
  2. Actually now that you say that, my Mazda would connect for phone calls but the media indicator never came on.
  3. I'm having two different Bluetooth related issues. The first one is that I can rarely connect to my car via Bluetooth unless I toggle airplane mode off and on several times to reset the Bluetooth adapter. It gets stuck at "connecting" but never connects without manual intervention. It pairs without an issue, just never actually connects. It will show as an active media device in the phone settings but isn't fully connected. If I try to disconnect and manually reconnect it will hang at "connecting" and sometimes give me a "failed to communicate" error. My Bluetooth ear
  4. To take another turn on this topic, has anyone gotten dual Verizon SIMs working? I have a work phone that I was given the go-ahead to swap the SIM from but any time I put the second SIM in it specifically says that I have no service, though my primary SIM is fine. Is it possible that this phone doesn't support dual 4G SIMs?
  5. I got the same response today for my shipment inbound to East-coast US. I'm hoping something actually moves soon because this is getting very frustrating.
  6. I was told the same thing two days ago, then yesterday I was told that it was because of Chinese New Year and that I should get tracking info today. So far today I've only gotten yet another "in transit." I knew this wasn't going to go well when I saw FedEx as the shipper but this is....pretty bad actually. Certainly no fault of F(x)tec, don't get me wrong. FedEx is 100% at fault here.
  7. At least they're being consistent with what their reasoning is, and it explains why those that went straight from Hong Kong to their destinations made it on time while those that went to Taiwan missed the cutoff. What's better is that Taiwan does not seem to be affected by the extended holiday that mainland China has, so I'm hoping to see some movement tomorrow. Ideally I'd like to see a delivery on Friday since mine is listed for weekday delivery only, but realistically I'm not expecting anything until Monday at this point.
  8. Just wanted to update based on my last post--I called FedEx again today and they told me (this time without hesitation) that the Chinese New Year was causing this delay and that today is the last day for their holiday. He said that I should be seeing tracking updates starting again tomorrow.
  9. I called this morning and, from what I could understand, my particular package is "waiting for the next available flight" and it appears to me that flights are still leaving Taiwan. I guess we'll see where it goes today or tomorrow. The guy I spoke with insisted that Chinese New Year wasn't affecting flights out of Taiwan, but it might be worth taking that with a grain of salt I suppose. https://flightaware.com/live/airport/RCTP That being said, looking at the FlightAware site, it does look like flights are moving even as of now, so there may still be hope after all.
  10. Same for me. I'm starting to wonder if this is going to be a pattern...I certainly hope it isn't, but I also don't have much faith in FedEx.
  11. I'm not sure why this hasn't exactly moved from Ta Yuan District, but it's obviously been here for a while and still says it's supposed to be delivered today. Anyone else's phones stuck here?
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