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  1. My display has started acting up. There is a single blue line running the entire width (in landscape) of the display about 20% of the way from the top. Has anyone else seen this? I've been waiting four days for a response from F(x)tec support.
  2. Are we caught up in the U.S. fiasco, or are there other reasons for our delays? Having pre-ordered in March and paid in August, I expected to be in the first or second batch, but have received no word.
  3. I've had two keyboard phones. My first was a Samsung Sidekick 4G, and I currently use an LG F3Q. It's now several years old (and running Android 4) which is why I really want my F(x)tec!
  4. I sure hope my order number 6418 puts me in the first batch. My current phone is on its last legs...
  5. I paid for my order on 01 August, but I see nothing in my account under either pre-orders or orders. Is there any way to check on our order status?
  6. If they wanted a key to jump the homescreen, they should have added a HOME key. Co-opting ESC is a major design flaw.
  7. My first QWERTY slider was the Samsung Sidekick 4G, which also had the angled screen. I still have it as an alternate phone, even though the OS is so old I can't update anything any more. But it accepts full-size SD cards, which was useful for the data SIM I bought for use in Japan so I could use it as a hotspot. My current QWERTY slider is the LG Optimus F3Q. It's not as nice as the Samsung, but has LTE support that the Samsung doesn't. It's getting a bit long in the tooth, though, and I'm really looking forward to replacing it with the Pro1.
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