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  1. I just want to make a quick statement: The US government can and does get access to my data without a warrant since I am not a US citizen. No amount of technological safeguards can stop that. Look up programs such as PRISM that systematically gather tons and tons of data on non-US citizens, and there are likely many more like it that have popped up since PRISM.
  2. From what I understand, banks do use it sometimes, but so does Netflix and lots of enterprise apps.
  3. Oh boy what a time of hopes and dreams this was! Has anyone in Canada received the phone yet? Or even got the "stock assigned" message? I haven't heard of any.
  4. Fewer than 10% of forum users got stock assigned? I wonder how many of those were early pre-orders...
  5. Can someone translate that into normal-speak? Does that mean employees can install some bit of software to allow corporate admins to fully administer the device, like install software and retrieve data?
  6. Thank you for the testing! Since it's open source I may hack it to add those features and improve it.
  7. Could anyone test the Lawnchair launcher? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.deletescape.lawnchair.plah&hl=en_US With my Bluetooth keyboard arrow keys, pressing up or down crashes it 😞
  8. This was an idea from @Tim6263 I personally will not be seeking a refund since there is no other device out there that compares to the Pro1's design, so I'm sticking with it.
  9. I honestly don't know how hard it is. I would love to hear more about what they are doing and what issues they encounter.
  10. I'm still cheering for you fxtec, months later! I'm checking this forum almost daily while I wait for my device.
  11. First thing I did. Complaining about a feature you can just turn off is weird and kind of unfair.
  12. Yes perhaps you're right. We should wait to plan this for a time where phones are actually being delivered to us Canadians.
  13. It's not enough, sadly, when it's below -20C. It seems perfect for that since you can use the hardware keys with gloves on!
  14. Are there any insulated cases out there? It's super annoying when your phone turns off because it's too cold during the winter. I keep some hand warmers around to prevent that on the coldest days, but that's not very sustainable.
  15. Sounds like Montreal would be the best place to be. Assuming we get our phones, we can organize this ourselves without Fxtec. How does December 15th work for people, if we get our phones by then?
  16. Look at this tweet! I feel attacked 😂
  17. @Waxberry Any chance this could happen? 🙂
  18. Awesome! Keep up the great work! I can't wait to get my hands on a device.
  19. Frankly that's a pretty good policy. I should have probably had that policy, but too late now!
  20. There were some rumours about F(x)tec hosting a small meetup in Toronto a few months ago. Any chance this could still happen? Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal are all close enough for me to consider going to a meetup.
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