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  1. I'd pay $30 USD to try out a game gripper for this device.
  2. I'm not sure if you know what #MeToo really means....
  3. Totally agree. Fxtec could probably learn a few things from Detroit: https://99percentinvisible.org/episode/wait-wait-tell-me/
  4. You could always check with support to see if you might be in the second batch
  5. Are there any magnetic points on the device? Perhaps you could embed magnets into the hard case to "clip" onto those magnetic points.
  6. Not quite. It said that they would ask for payment details 2-3 weeks prior to shipping:
  7. You are wrong about that, sorry ๐Ÿ˜ž
  8. Yeah, I'm not going to bother with that kind of stuff. I just want my phone to work with the way I currently use it. I know that may give me worse battery life. What I really want to know is how these devices compare with this kind of normal usage pattern. How will the Pro1 compare to the Priv when it comes to the way I use them, considering I will be using them basically the same?
  9. @EskeRahn I could never get more than a day and a half of use from my Priv while you somehow can get 5 days of usage from the device. I'm not sure what voodoo you're doing (You mention on your blog that you basically just disable and remove lots of apps) but you seem to get a LOT more usage from your devices than I or an average person does.
  10. @Erik thank you so much for the update! This is the kind of marketing that fxtec needs to do! Consistent communication is so important.
  11. I'm aware that the battery life on a smartphone is really dependent on what you're doing with it, but how does it compare to other phones? Like perhaps the Priv and the Google Pixel devices would be good points of reference for me.
  12. I was hoping the next device would go in the other direction, and be larger! I love the 6.4" screen on my current slab phone, and am probably going to miss it.
  13. There is at least one version of Android that remove all the Google stuff: LineageOS.
  14. I personally think custom signatures are noise and not useful. I prefer having them disabled.
  15. The 845 is only 14% faster than the 835. I wouldn't sweat that small of a difference.
  16. In stock android 9, I don't think you can set more than 1 "Do not disturb" time range.
  17. I could have sworn I saw the weight listed on a specifications page somewhere, but I can no longer find it. I seem to remember something like 230g or 240g. Perhaps this changed after design revisions?
  18. I think the threads are getting very messy due to all of this merging. I would prefer if different discussions were kept separate. Thanks for all your hard work and effort!
  19. Hey fellow Canadian! I also used my N900 for quite a few years, but I have using the Priv as well. N900 was my favourite but the performance and battery life just made it unusable long-term. Also lack of MMS really killed it.
  20. That thread is so full of spam and with 500+ replies I'm not reading them all...
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