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  1. Just received a tracking number! Very cool and VERY hyped! My order number was in the #48xx range, payed on august 1st. For everyone still waiting: Please bear it a little while longer, it is definitely coming!
  2. Another possible scenario would be that those are the devices that were held in the US for a while, and that they got sent to those retailers.
  3. Also, you can always check this thread:
  4. Is this dog in a bag of lumpy golden goodness? 🥔🥔🥔
  5. Godly news indeed, praise the almighty Pro1! 🙏🙏
  6. What you also seem to forget is that the people who are in first batch are also the people who REALLY want this phone, so what I would think is that if any of those people would be willing to sell it is merely to give their device up now and to get to the back of the 'queue' to get the product again. But, if they have to re-order now to get the device again they pay the price you are offering now... It's not really a good deal if you think of it. Also, most people who are on this forum are in second batch, if you look at the forum-post on sharing either TN or that they received phone not many people replied to that.. So that assumption is kinda false..
  7. FIrst one was the Alcatel Pocketline Flash, I remember being so proud of this phone haha : Then I got the Nokia 3310 (GAAMEESS YEAAHHH) - Samsung X550 (I think) to flippety-flap with - Sony Ericsson W580 - HTC Desire Z (I REALLY wanted another qwerty after that but there weren't any other models in place of it) - Samsung Note 2 - Sony Xperia Z2, this one broke so I switched to an iPhone 5 out of neccesity which was horrible - and now I have the Sony Xperia XZ, awaiting the Pro1
  8. My mom got a puppy last year, Lutz. He's a rascal but super-cute.
  9. Does this also mean for you that you don't use any/all mainstream apps that the 'general public' uses, i.e. WhatsApp, any Social Media platform (no priority for me either tbh), google maps/translate/chrome etc. ? How's your experience using alternative apps to these? Or do you mainly use a smartphone to not communicate with others but use it more as a pocket-version of a laptop/PC?
  10. Hi all, Since the Pro1 is going to support both 'regular' Android and also Sailfish or Lineage, I was wondering when someone would choose either OS, and why. I've read a little already about Sailfish and how it's an independent OS which stands clear from the large companies, so you can ensure your data to be safe. But, I would still want to use some of the mainstream apps like WhatsApp etc. , which aren't independent. What would this mean in regards to choosing for instance Sailfish? Would one of those independent OS have any use if you then choose to install those apps? What would be a motivation to choose otherwise? What would you recommend? I've always assumed to be dependent of for instance Google to be able to use a phone in the way I want, but I'm also kind of annoyed how those companies force you to share data. I'm really curious how you all choose this and why 🙂 Thanks!
  11. Grats everyone who's in the first batch!! Can't wait to see the pictures of everyone 😄 BTW is anyone going to make an unboxing/impression video per chance? Or some other kind of review? @EskeRahn Are you going to update your review with a comparison of the final product vs the prototype you got? Really curious how the device is in everyday use 🙂 *hyped*
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