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  1. Does this also mean for you that you don't use any/all mainstream apps that the 'general public' uses, i.e. WhatsApp, any Social Media platform (no priority for me either tbh), google maps/translate/chrome etc. ? How's your experience using alternative apps to these? Or do you mainly use a smartphone to not communicate with others but use it more as a pocket-version of a laptop/PC?
  2. Hi all, Since the Pro1 is going to support both 'regular' Android and also Sailfish or Lineage, I was wondering when someone would choose either OS, and why. I've read a little already about Sailfish and how it's an independent OS which stands clear from the large companies, so you can ensure your data to be safe. But, I would still want to use some of the mainstream apps like WhatsApp etc. , which aren't independent. What would this mean in regards to choosing for instance Sailfish? Would one of those independent OS have any use if you then choose to install those apps? What would be a motivation to choose otherwise? What would you recommend? I've always assumed to be dependent of for instance Google to be able to use a phone in the way I want, but I'm also kind of annoyed how those companies force you to share data. I'm really curious how you all choose this and why 🙂 Thanks!
  3. Grats everyone who's in the first batch!! Can't wait to see the pictures of everyone 😄 BTW is anyone going to make an unboxing/impression video per chance? Or some other kind of review? @EskeRahn Are you going to update your review with a comparison of the final product vs the prototype you got? Really curious how the device is in everyday use 🙂 *hyped*
  4. I think there is a big difference between someone rationally ventilating ones annoyance about the lack of communications about the (unforeseen) delays, and people that get so angry about the delays and lack of communication that they just start to 'yell' wild accusations, assumptions and destructive criticism. I think it's seriously damaging to claim things like 'F(x)tec is a huge scam', 'they are liars' or 'they promise things and then don't come through'. Although the lack of communication can cause feelings like that I really miss these commenters lack of rationally approaching the situation and automatically assuming the worst. It can be very damaging (aside from the personal demotivation it can cause for the founders and members of the small staff) for a startup company if they get accused of being a scam, even when there is no concrete proof of this. While at the same time there is actual proof of the contrary (people getting refunded before during the indigogo-campaign, the factory-video, etc.) Granted, my previous joke might have been a tad immature as well, and was most definitely not directed at the people rationally voicing their concerns, but I just think it's unfair to act as I described above.
  5. Hahaha same here! Or at least all the people who are complaining so much I expect to be the 'Karens', if you know what I mean 😂 'FxTeC Y U NoT GieV MaI PhoOon NaOuW?! ' All jokes aside, with my 30+ years I can hardly pass for a 'girl' so as mcdinner pointed out 'woman' would be more accurate 😛
  6. This has already been addressed multiple times, it is a bug in the system. When your order has the status of 'processing' it means they received the payment. See also this thread:
  7. I know it's an assumption on my part but I think this is the same video that Erik mentioned last week, and that it was created last week. That would also be a reason why Lianchen didn't mention shipping with the specific information Erik has provided us with in the meantime. My guess is that the news he (Erik) has gave us these last couple of days has gotten ahead of the video Lianchen made. Nevertheless I think the video is very cool to see. It is nice to hear that Fxtec is putting so much effort into the production and the finetuning of the product to make it a quality device. If they would succumb to the pressure of shipping asap that might result in us getting a phone that would show signs of malfunction within a short period of time. So personally I'm happy that they stick to quality instead of haste. For now I'm going to stick with the info Erik gave so far and assume that the shipments of the first batch are already in transit to any of the fulfillment warehouses. Really curious to see how many pre-order customers will get the device in this first batch!
  8. On this same trail of thought you could also imagine the scenario where they cancelled those pre-orders because they were categorized under the wrong keyboard lay-out. Prices that are now mentioned on their site are for the two already existing keyboard lay-outs (qwerty and qwertz). Maybe when the Scandinavian lay-out is going to be available it will be listed at the old price and/or is going to go through a similar pre-order scenario (hopefully not the same amount of waiting time of course) as with the current 'available' devices. I do agree on the communication-argument however, Fxtec could take away alot of these speculations/insecurities by communicating these changes and cancellations. All I'm saying is that cancelling those existing pre-orders doesn't necessarily mean the price of the Scandinavian lay-out Pro1's will be same price as is mentioned now.
  9. Since shipping is coming near I was wondering if anyone here knows what type of delivery is being used? Which postal service, is the package insured, does it require an autograph on delivery, etc.? Not sure if this has already been asked/answered anywhere, but it's hard to keep track of all the different forum-topics :)
  10. Hi Erik, Thanks for this reply. I've already used the PayPal method a couple of weeks ago when it was still up. Further up in this thread there is mention of there being problems with PayPal regulations on pre-orders. Does this mean it will cause a problem for the order? Or will my order go through normally?
  11. I have a question about the layout of the keyboard. This might already have been answered but browsing the forum I couldn't find it. From a picture of the keyboard on Facebook I noticed that they made two keys for brackets in the second-lowest row before the Z, instead of after the P on the second-highest row. Also there is a `-key between Tab and Q, instead of above the Tab. What is the reason for these deviations from the 'regular' keyboardlayout? And will it affect typing blind? I'm personally afraid it will cause mistypes because of the placement, but also have a feeling this choice has been made for a reason. Kind regards, Ilse.
  12. I have a question! Are there going to be accessories for the phone, like a case, screen protector, etc.?
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