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  1. Okay so this took 3 months to finally arrive ๐Ÿ˜…, but now that it is here and since I don't think ahunter shared photo's yet, here are a couple of pictures I made. Adjustments are fairly easy, I just used a sharp nail scissors to both pierce and trim holes. I didn't make holes for the volume buttons, because the outer-'buttons' on the side can be used for those (power is volume down, volume down is up). I did have to cut holes for the following entrances: charger entrance (this one I just 'connected' to the two holes that were already present there, gave a cleaner result really) f
  2. Is Gcam short for Google Camera? How did you install the app on your phone? When I try to download it I get the error that the app isn't compatible with the phone...
  3. Okay so to answer my own question, I found out yesterday after rebooting my phone that the update never completed. Now that it did this problem appears to be solved! ๐Ÿ˜…
  4. Hey all, Perhaps someone knows how to solve this and/or has the same problem. Ever since getting the Pro1 and using Stock Android the notification tray hasn't been synchronizing/working properly. Even if you open an app that has notifications active in the drop-down tray and read through all messages/e-mails etc. the notifications stay up. They only disappear by either clicking on them directly or swiping them away/removing them manually from the tray. Does someone know how to fix this? NB: Also added to the bug report-spreadsheet on the drive. Thanks in advance!
  5. Here it is on Ali Express: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32957954956.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.2a1f11f03lqaxl&algo_pvid=3e242e70-dec9-4389-aa33-3cb60a4bb0a6&algo_expid=3e242e70-dec9-4389-aa33-3cb60a4bb0a6-26&btsid=0ab6fb8315867917149457448e4611&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
  6. The ebay version is no longer available, but I noticed this is also available on the wish app (and perhaps therfore also on Ali Express, but can't check that yet). Pictures are very similar to these and colorscheme is the same. Going to order one to see how the quality turns out, but if someone else want to check it out, it's described on Wish as follows (see attached picture) (just noticed part of the description is missing, but it's also available for the huawei p20 pro)
  7. Sure, but it wasn't out on delivery yet (I didn't change it on the day the parcel was planned for delivery, but on the day before that), it was not even in the local depot handling the delivery yet either... In fact, as soon as I got the email from DPD that the parcel just got registered to their system, I logged into the track and trace system they provided and used the change-service. At the time I changed the address the package was still en route from the UK to my country. So that would suggest it wouldn't even be possible to change it at initial registration even.. That is why I d
  8. Thanks to you both! @Erik just replied to the email. Very grateful you helped out ๐Ÿ™‚ I still think it's very strange tho that DPD offers this service, while it obviously doesn't work in their own system... It just seems unfair that you guys got a penalty for the return, since it's a flaw in their own delivery system (why would you offer a service that doesn't work and then penalize the sending party over that? It's just strange) So big tip for people who want to use that service if they ever get DPD: don't use it and use one of the drop-off servicepoints instead.. Unfortu
  9. Oh no I should've clarified, it got send back to the UK (it got sent from there on the 2nd of January aswell)
  10. Hello team FxTec, I hope either @Erik or @Waxberry can help me out. I've been waiting ever since the 2nd of January to receive my Proยน. Because DPD's system has a flaw regarding the change of the delivery address, this went wrong and the package got stuck at their depot for over a week. Despite all my efforts (and efforts on part of ParcelHero) It then got send back, which was two weeks ago. Even tho it's been two weeks since it got returned (to ParcelHero at first) Iโ€™m still waiting for my bought property to be re-send. The phone obviously is quite expensive and given
  11. Just received a tracking number! Very cool and VERY hyped! My order number was in the #48xx range, payed on august 1st. For everyone still waiting: Please bear it a little while longer, it is definitely coming!
  12. Another possible scenario would be that those are the devices that were held in the US for a while, and that they got sent to those retailers.
  13. Also, you can always check this thread:
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