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  1. The pre-order website originally stated "All pre-orders will receive a free pair of Limited Edition F(x)tec earphones & F(x)tec Pro1 case" - no mention of cut-off date at all. I definitely pre-ordered (in August 2019) so I will be expecting these. It was one of the reasons I pre-ordered rather than waiting for the full order. Even on the forum one of the founders stated that all pre-orders would get them Once again - communication not proving to be a strong point! But we will see what happens.
  2. Now that is tempting! Screen resolution is on par with the Passport but still not as good as the Priv which is a bit of a shame since the Passport is getting on for 6 years old. I always found the Passport to have the best keyboard hardware of any phone I had ever had. Plus I loved that it was just a bit different.
  3. That is a shame. I was always holding out for them to upgrade the Priv with newer CPU, a bit more RAM, and a newer version of Android - that would have been my perfect phone. I do love my Priv - it's just getting rather slow these days!
  4. Yeah - I get that. But given I'm going to have to give up 1-handed keyboard typing going back to the landscape slider (portrait is so good on the Priv for that) it's not the end of the world for me. I would genuinely love a new Priv - just with latest Android OS & Snapdragon chip (maybe a bit more memory) - but it was searching for news about whether there would be a Key3 that I came across this phone. Will definitely be interesting going back to a landscape slider again since it's been about 8 / 10 years since I've had one. I have to say that I am also seriously considering going away from physical qwerty (again!) if the new RAZR comes along on a good deal to be honest. I know that it will have drawbacks but I do like the form factor and think it looks pretty cool.
  5. Pre-order - 29th August Full order - 8th September Order Number - 339XX IGG - No Country - UK No stock assigned email which, looking at order dates from other countries that do have assignemnt, is hardly surprising. I was holding out a tiny sliver of hope that a pre-order from almost 5 months ago wouldn't fall in to the "recent" pre-order category that wouldn't make shipment. On that logic, a ~7 month old pre-order from the end of July is "ancient" and a ~5 month old one is recent 🙂 I was certainly hoping that I would be included as my Priv is becoming a bit unreliable - even with a brand new battery fitted. The only thing that has meant I have kept my pre-order is that the processor on the Cosmo is not much better than the Priv! If it was a newer one I have a feeling I would have long ago switched alliance!
  6. I can't remember all of my early phones, but I definitely had an HTC Touch Pro 2 a long time ago. More recently, Passport and then 2x Priv. Kept thinking about replacing it with a Key 2 but didn't want the downgrade in screen size & resolution from the Priv!
  7. I have only just seen this and, combined with everything else, pretty much has me (metaphorically) hovering on the cancel button. I pre-ordered for 2 main reasons - the worry of a price increase and the promise of a case / headphones to ALL pre-order users. There was also the promise that the money wouldn't be taken until a couple of weeks before the order was shipped. As far as I can work out, NONE of those are true. The price (in the UK at least) is still the same, the case now appears to not be included (and I even asked this question specifically in the forum before placing my order, had no response so presumed it was still valid) and the money was taken about 6 weeks ago. The password requirements on the old forum / order page almost made me give up in disgust before I even placed the pre-order. I expect teething troubles for a new company but so far it doesn't appear that anything originally mentioned has been delivered. At the point now where, even if it was the absolute best phone ever made, I probably won't enjoy using it due to everything leading up to the delivery.
  8. Just seen that the homepage has changed to say that shipping will be early October. I really hope that's for new orders and not for existing orders!
  9. Not going to screenshot, as I'm typing this on my computer, but first ever attempt with three mistakes (one quite large as I kept typing for a while!) was 49wpm on a Priv with a 98.5% accuracy. With a bit of thinking over 50 would be easy.
  10. Is the offer of a free case & earphones still available for pre-orders of this phone?
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