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  1. Yeah the fact that planet is apparently shipping regular orders is awful, though we don't know if they are maybe just shipping the layout combinations that are in surplus (though this would mean they didn't just produce all the backer units first as expected). I would be more concerned with the backdoor in the cosmo, at this point even if you get your device you just can not use it because any app can use the backdoor service to exfiltrate all your data. Which is why I'm hoping someone takes apart the adups stuff to see if it also includes some kind of C&C and backdoors on the pro1...
  2. Yeah, not to mention issues that are not related to shipping... the cosmo turns out to have a 3rd party OTA provider too, and they have baked in a backdoor android service that allows any app on the device to do anything it wants, see https://wuffs.org/blog/pulling-apart-the-cosmos-systemfota-updater . There planet hasn't provided any public information yet, but on the other hand fxtec's Chen has come forward and at least written something (not really acked the problem, unfortunately) regarding adups. I hope the adups stuff is just the app that was found (but until some whitehat pulls a
  3. That's true, but the screen issue update IIRC was worded in such a way that it wasn't a huge deal. I don't remember there being any other delay update, aside from the screens and shipping taking longer, but shipping should be orthogonal to production. Edit: in one of the updates Planet Computers came forward and said they had a lot of QA rejections in one of the factories, so it seems to be possible to give information on the subject (just in case you think fxtec has some kind of NDA with the factories that prevent them from giving proper updates)
  4. You guys must be living on another planet, the cosmo updates are light years ahead of fxtec's abysmal communication: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cosmo-communicator#/updates/all They have delivered over 3500 cosmos, whereas fxtec regularly promises that "all pre-orders will be shipped by X" and doesn't even ship much stock at all. You remember when Erik wrote mid november that all is on track for completing all pre orders by christmas with surplus stock? Do you realize now that they hadn't even STARTED producing 3/10th of the stock at that time (since we are told that this batch was
  5. You know you can just paypal fxtec some money if you so badly want to go above and beyond to help them? Taking a net negative (waiting longer AND paying more AND giving them a zero interest loan in the meantime) is literally the same as giving them money, so you might as well just do that..... If you want to give fxtec the "absolute best future possible" just give them all your money. You can't put out absolute statements like that and then not follow it up. There is no line in the sand if you want the "absolute best future possible". Why not work for them for free, too?
  6. @fxtec5 Regarding your point 5. according to evildragon's setup guide at https://www.dragonbox.de/index.php?fc=module&module=ybc_blog&controller=blog&id_post=9 If you install the app Edge Null it should be solved (not the color issue though and yes the decision to use a curved screen was weird at best)
  7. I think you need to shoot a mail to customer support. It's been stated many times that these forums are for the community only and nobody is reading them "officially". In that light it seems really dumb to have sections like "bug reports" and "support" in here, but what do I know. Either the forums are community only or they aren't but as with everything else fxtec wants the cake and to eat it too.. Contacting support would for sure at some point get an issue open for the developers to fix, so that's what you need to do for every bug imho. Edit: there is also this topic
  8. But that doesn't make sense right? How can it be batch 1 when EvilDragon told us it was shipped directly from the factory early december? Maybe the serial number is... not serial at all?
  9. To be fair you have to recognize that Erik is an utter badass if he is doing this on his own initiative. The alternative (if he was not doing this) is nothing but the update emails and support. That would be terrible! I think fxtec's communication strategy makes sense given the intent of having actual pre-orders as opposed to crowdfunding. They might have been better off doing actual crowdfunding or recognizing early that the "real consumer order" thing wasn't going to work well without hiccups, but who am I to judge. Edit: honestly imho the entire conflict in the community is
  10. I think it's not that black or white. While it sucks that fxtec mostly lost pre orderers to the resellers (which is honestly their fault at this point) at least with how fast the reseller stock was sold out this should send out a good signal that there is demand for the pro1 which bodes well for keyboard sliders in general (hopefully). Also I wouldn't expect the deal with the resellers to be so bad compared to production costs, what is the point of dealing with them in the first place then?
  11. This isn't really new, support also offered to jump the queue when I told them I wanted a refund (no IGG and late pre-order). So I think the people without IGG who received a unit "by accident" might have been prioritized that way. TBH it kinda makes sense anyway... if they have cash flow problems, getting new orders might make the difference between you getting a unit or not getting a unit at all. And more customers is better for the long term support (does anyone know what android security patch level is on the pro1 right now?)
  12. You have a really good point, especially given that Chen's reply is actually stellar (have you ever seen Jeff Bezos reply to you saying that if you report issues they will work with you personally to resolve them?) There's just one part that is really bad, and that is For a device that literally has all of your digital life in memory (if you use a password manager) this is not a very nice statement. Sure you need some trust unless you want to audit the entire stack yourself, but being concerned about 3rd party software isn't "not trusting", it's just doing your home work.
  13. I got a stock assigned mail on friday, despite having cancelled weeks ago (and gotten my refund). Lol. I contacted support (since I'm not an asshole), and now my order is finally marked as cancelled (today). So pretty sure this means that someone will get a stock assigned email today!
  14. It's very easy to get a refund, you almost certainly don't need to go through your CC. Especially before christmas they're almost certain to find someone else to ship the stock to, so it's not like if you refund they will have tons of pro1s on their hand and no buyers.
  15. FYI asking for a refund will result in all sorts of proposals, including "prioritizing" your order. At that point I just wasn't comfortable letting them hold onto my money anymore. Some of the shenanigans sound like cash flow issues. And given the small amount that was shipped and the deviation from the original estimate, I don't get how the factory hasn't built all the units so far. Like I get the shipping and logistics delays, but how hasn't the factory at least finished producing all the batches in the months that have passed? The phone really seems to be stellar in quality. No
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