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  1. I was no IGG and got order # 5xxx and got my device last week. Serial No. is 227 and I was a bit surprised about the difference between the order No. and the Serial No. But now I am lucky with the phone and it is running so smooth....
  2. Really? I opended the box, took out the phone and was so amazed about the device that I forgot everything else……..
  3. 1. Read 2. Listen 3. Ask Sorry, forgot 1. and 2. Thanks
  4. perfect! It works, thank you for your help. Where can I find a manual for this phone?
  5. and how to wake up the display when itˋs open?
  6. Came back home from work this afternoon and found the Pro1 on my kitchen table! What a surprise!!!
  7. I only have an account for the community forum and can't follow my order. Still have no tracking email/info. Only stock assignment last Monday.....
  8. My order told me: "Shipping incl. VAT"
  9. I placed my pre-order 28th February 2019. Received mail 31.07. and payed 1st of August. #59xx and got my mail this morning...
  10. Okay, so next week I will get my mail. Thanks for Info Erik.
  11. Good news, maybe I will get my device as promised (first week in 2020). But still no mail in my inbox. If not....
  12. Hello Erik, Your support told me that my device will be shipped by the end of December or the first week of January. So I will wait until the 6th of January 2020 before I will cancel my order. After a year of waiting it's enough. I hoped to give the device to my wife today. So I feel frustrated and disappointed.
  13. I asked the support about delivery date an got the following answer: "Despite your order being very early, we expect it will ship between Christmas and the 1st week of January. We are sorry for any inconvenience the delay might be causing you." So, I have to wait for 2 more weeks or even more. And no discussion here will speed it up. I am a bit sad about the delay because it was planned as a gift for my wife for Xmas….
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