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  1. Welp, I'm sad to report myself as a new victim of this issue. I've submitted a support ticket with a screenshot of the ghosting. Really hoping this can get fixed quickly...
  2. Seems to run fine! What are you guys using for keyboard overlay, though? I tried Octopus, but I can't seem to remap the compass input like I'd like to, since WASD is a bit far right on the Pro1's board EDIT: Also, is there any way to stop the camera button from opening the camera? I don't really do photos, but it would make a great shoulder button
  3. Just got my Pro1 and my lunch delivered at the same time...I'm gonna starve if I start playing before I eat, so I'll be doing setup in half an hour or so
  4. Anyone tried Genshin Impact yet? My Pro1 is in transit but it'll make my day if it can run that game.
  5. Got my stock allocation last monday and shipment tracking today, currently in "shipment exception" on the tracking. Gonna ping off an email to info@fxtec to see if they have any details for me, but I'm very excited
  6. My situation exactly 😂 damn thing decided to do a 20-minute reboot and leave me stranded in an airport last year
  7. Sit down at your desk and the doorbell will ring immediately. Talk about your shipping wait time and you'll get your stock assigned email the following week. Order #445xx (Dec 2019 QWERTY) is assigned. I'll be back on the forums in a couple weeks to ask very basic questions about adups and Lineage, I'm sure.
  8. Sorry, could you clarify what you're referring to by "the ones mentioned"? If you mean the long delays, I can tell you I'm qwertY with an early Dec 2019 order. I've just been assuming that that puts me in the pack most impacted by COVID complications (and for the record, I'm alright with the COVID delays. I'd rather wait another year than have a phone that somebody died to produce)
  9. Given their username ("F(x)Tec Slow As Molasses") they probably made this account out of frustration for an order on a different one...That said, is 12 months really unreasonable? I'm over 9 at this point myself.
  10. Lucky. I ordered mine back on Dec 5th and I'm still in "Processing". My current phone isn't gonna make it much longer 😞
  11. I'm getting a Pro1 mostly because the Priv2 was never created. I love the design of the Priv, had a Q10 before it. Unfortunately I didn't take care of the battery nearly as well as @EskeRahn (I've only just done my homework on what I was *supposed* to be doing..) so the thing's failing on me pretty badly now. A full charge will hit 50% by evening, and then (based on some criteria I can't determine) has a chance to shut itself off, reboot, get stuck in the adroid optimizing apps screen for ~10 minutes, and then come back up with 12% somehow. Here's hoping my Pro1 gets he
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