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  1. When your desktop loads, as quick as you can, disable WiFi before it has a chance to connect. This stops the boot loop. Find the DFS network in your list of saved networks and force android to forget it. Alternatively I guess you could physically move away from the network that causes the problems.
  2. I am also getting stuck in boot loops now, also WiFi related, but nothing to do with 2.4ghz vs 5ghz. I have two different 5ghz SSIDs and if I connect to one of them, bootloop. The other one seems fine. The only difference is the channel they are on. The one that works is on a regular channel, 48, but the one that crashes is on a DFS one, 100. Dunno if that's related.
  3. Sorry bit late back to this thread. The card is fat32, I have another few posts in another thread about the problems I ran into trying to get it recognised by the phone. Short of it is, It's formatted (by the phone) and recognised, I'm reading files off it. It's 64GB. I could try a smaller card to see if that makes a difference.
  4. No, I'm just running the stock Pro1 rom, it was just the only thing I found to try and fix it.
  5. I'm trying to get the Snapdragon Camera to save images to the card, but it tells me it can't access the sd card. I've tried this fix https://forum.xda-developers.com/lineage/help/lineageos-camera-storage-location-t3597639 But it didn't work. Anyone have this problem?
  6. OK I tried again today and got different behaviour (?). Deleted all partitions on the card in Windows, and put the card into the phone. It didn't ask to format the card this time (?) it just did I guess, because it shows all 64GB. I then hooked up to the computer with USB debugging and MTP, and the card is showing (but not internal storage, maybe because of USB debugging?). Transferring the backed up files via USB.
  7. I will have to try that windows app then, but weird that dismgt and diskpart didn't work. Windows can't read the card once the phone formats it. I also tried MTP, it only shows internal storage. Even with USB debugging turned on. I could try getting the files back over wifi I suppose, though it will be slow.
  8. So a quick update. I put the sd card in my computer to format it to fat32. Sadly, this card is 64GB but so I can only use half of it, really. A 32GB partition only. This is quite a pain. I find it quite strange that a phone that just came out this year cannot read exFat...I'm stuck with a max storage of 32GB... But even after making a fat32 partition in diskpart, after putting it back into the phone it still insists on formatting it again. Which means I can't move the files I backed up, back onto the card. Equally, when I plug the phone into the computer, I only get access to the int
  9. Totally agree, and I used to love waking up with some radio. Sadly my country shut down the entire FM network. So it's either invest in a DAB radio alarm clock, or just use the phone.
  10. Doesn't seem like that. But I have noticed with other phones, fast charging sometimes isn't supported or doesn't work, which causes even a fast charger to charge the phone slowly. Pro1 does support fast charging, but perhaps some other software bug causes the patchy compatibility?
  11. These were not cheap, they were proper Samsung ones. But they are all fast charge ones. Are there compatibility issues with that tech?
  12. Update: my Samsung Qi charger that I keep at work seems to charge the phone (I unplugged the Qi platform thing and used the USBc plug). Weird because the chargers I have at home are all Samsung brand ones as well.
  13. I started with dual English and Norwegian layouts so that I could type nordic characters, but this proved problematic since I couldn't find the symbols I needed, so I took the advice from here and disabled all languages to go back to default. But this leaves me without any nordic vowels, and from what I can tell, no way to type them. I see some Alt+ combinations give you german characters, is there such a thing for nordic?
  14. For me, charging only works on the charger included. All the other chargers in my house, work for about 30 seconds, then stop charging.
  15. Got my Pro1 yesterday. Phone says my SD card is corrupt and needs to be reformatted. This is definitely not the case as it worked in my S7 moments before.
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