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  1. It seems to be better as you explained
  2. No there is nothing related to the finger on my test on stock android connect the phone (whit debug USB on) on computer (with adb on it) run (on powershell) .\adb.exe shell -- getevent -l /dev/input/event4 result should be is like that when touching the sensor (i ve added comment between <> ) EV_KEY KEY_FN_F5 DOWN < strat double tap> EV_SYN SYN_REPORT 00000000 EV_KEY KEY_FN_F5 UP EV_SYN SYN_REPORT 00000000 EV_KEY KEY_FN_F5 DOWN EV_SYN SYN_REPORT 000000
  3. ok thanks I m leaving lineagos only for some tests related to my calls problems It lineageOS fix lots of issues you can have in the stock Android (like fingerprint sensor acting like "F5" that refresh web page when you touch it ) And i think the NFC not working (but i don't have other device that support that, only access cards but i don't know if they arr compatible so i'm not sure) I so some advice like "WARNING: Make sure that you can send and receive SMS and place and receive calls (also via WiFi and LTE, if available), otherwise it won’t work on LineageOS either! A
  4. ok i ll try that, thanks. I found, if i set to "LTE only", there is no possibility to call, i can't find if the Pro1x is voLTE compatible ? i think, if "yes", it would be possible to make calls with "LTE only"
  5. I will try. There is another command to see what are the different possible code, like "move up" "move down" but i never received that code during my tries adb shell su -- getevent -lp /dev/input/event4 sources : https://source.android.com/docs/core/interaction/input/getevent
  6. thanks Finaly, I flashed stock rom using QFIL But i haven't seen "Various ROMs available to the Pro1/Pro1X available for download, Links" before my first OS change, and i see, we have to backup the persist partition. How can we do that backup, It's possible to do that with adb ? What 's containing this partition ?
  7. hi, I have some problems with calls. When I try to call my phone I often get the voicemail When I try to call with the phone, the call end immediately or i get "busy network" The signal quality can be full or quite full in LTE or 3G The problem is the same on Stock Android or LineageOS My operator is "Free" in France Any idea to fix that ?
  8. hi After using lineageos, i would like to return to stock android. I followed the steps from here but when i launch the script under git terminal, i get en error (not the one listed on the pdf) why ? and how can i fix that ?
  9. hi, I m' not a specialist on android, perhaps you can : Activate "devloppoment tools" on the phone Activate "USB debuging" install ADB tools on a computer navigate to the folder where is adb Open a commande line windows to this folder Connect the phone to a computer type "adb shell" type getevent press the figerprint sensor you have to see something like that if the sensor is there: add device 1: /dev/input/event6 name: "bengal-idp-snd-card Button Jack" add device 2: /dev/input/event5 name: "bengal-idp-snd-card Headset Jack
  10. The fingerprint sensor bug is fixed since the 5 june LOS update https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/official-lineageos-20-for-pro1-x.4543997/page-7#post-88614419
  11. hi, After few reaserch on internet i ve found somes things but i'm not good at linux or android. I have lineageOS and root enabled Connect the phone to a PC with ADB and android USB driver installed in a linux terminal or windows Shell use "adb shell" and "getevent" and next, press the fingerprint sensor for me it's look like that : > adb shell QX1050:/ $ getevent add device 1: /dev/input/event6 name: "bengal-idp-snd-card Button Jack" add device 2: /dev/input/event5 name: "bengal-idp-snd-card Headset Jack" add device 3: /dev/input/event1 name:
  12. Hi i ve this kind of issue with LineageOS on my pro1x and with the original android too. Figerprint, is like mapped as "refresh page" and this is the same problem on other browsers (i m using vivaldi) (or with termux that display a brief windows.) I wonder if we can change this mapping as non-root or as root and how ? Or if we can add a script that unactivate fingerprint sensor while the screen is unlocked ? I saw commands lines for other phones but i didn't managed to mak it works on the pro1x ? I m a noob at linux. https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/q-disabling-finger
  13. I have just recived me phone, ordered th 4 of march 2020. I ordered for an pro1 and i ask to changed for an AZERTY pro1X, but i recived a QWERTY ... for me that's right, i have a real physical keyboard
  14. Me too, on the last monday I recived the same e-mail after a little more than 3 years
  15. Same for me, Order #53*** was placed on March 4, 2020 and is currently Processing.
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