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  1. perhaps this possible to find the sources of this android version ? or connect new screen to a I2C capable controller (arduino, raspberry, USB<->ic2) to read conf of old screen and writ it to the new one ?
  2. Ok ... I don't have pro1, i only have pro1x. I will try the second display i bought, perhaps it realy comme from a pro1. But, can someone explain to me, why only pro1 + stock android 9 can update the touch panel ? Is there a specific driver? I don't realy understand the world of android, compared to the PC world. On Pc you cant install particaly wahtever you want, On android devices is like your luky is you can do what you want...
  3. i also recived two of them, and there is black spots on bottoms right and left, and there is dead zone on left and right of the screen on first touch (if i touch on center and go to the edge my finger is detected on the edge, bu if i directly touch the edge, nothing is detected) so I have the margin problem, and I don't know how to correct it, someone can explain how to do that?
  4. i saw somthing interessting, there is 3 metalic parts, on the back cover of the phone One on the top, an other on the center, and last at bottom. The black lines are not only for the beauty, this is insulation
  5. i 've just open mine to change screen, and see some spring are missing not, all that same like yours, and i have one spring broken (copper unstick from PCB) Wifi was not excellent, 4G LTE not realy good (wcdma often better), and NFC not working
  6. For sure, that wouls be too expensive to respond to the needs of clients, that is more profitable to massively sell an expensive basic device that doesn't realy corespond to users needs ... For summary, I think what killed FX tech is the sum of: Young company + Brexit + Covid + production stop of processors + explosion of the costs of shipments
  7. Hello, the power button of my pro1x, show some signs of near faillure since few days. Is there any trick to correct it,or can i change it? if yes, where can i get spare parts?
  8. No there is nothing related to the finger on my test on stock android connect the phone (whit debug USB on) on computer (with adb on it) run (on powershell) .\adb.exe shell -- getevent -l /dev/input/event4 result should be is like that when touching the sensor (i ve added comment between <> ) EV_KEY KEY_FN_F5 DOWN < strat double tap> EV_SYN SYN_REPORT 00000000 EV_KEY KEY_FN_F5 UP EV_SYN SYN_REPORT 00000000 EV_KEY KEY_FN_F5 DOWN EV_SYN SYN_REPORT 000000
  9. ok thanks I m leaving lineagos only for some tests related to my calls problems It lineageOS fix lots of issues you can have in the stock Android (like fingerprint sensor acting like "F5" that refresh web page when you touch it ) And i think the NFC not working (but i don't have other device that support that, only access cards but i don't know if they arr compatible so i'm not sure) I so some advice like "WARNING: Make sure that you can send and receive SMS and place and receive calls (also via WiFi and LTE, if available), otherwise it won’t work on LineageOS either! A
  10. ok i ll try that, thanks. I found, if i set to "LTE only", there is no possibility to call, i can't find if the Pro1x is voLTE compatible ? i think, if "yes", it would be possible to make calls with "LTE only"
  11. I will try. There is another command to see what are the different possible code, like "move up" "move down" but i never received that code during my tries adb shell su -- getevent -lp /dev/input/event4 sources : https://source.android.com/docs/core/interaction/input/getevent
  12. thanks Finaly, I flashed stock rom using QFIL But i haven't seen "Various ROMs available to the Pro1/Pro1X available for download, Links" before my first OS change, and i see, we have to backup the persist partition. How can we do that backup, It's possible to do that with adb ? What 's containing this partition ?
  13. hi, I have some problems with calls. When I try to call my phone I often get the voicemail When I try to call with the phone, the call end immediately or i get "busy network" The signal quality can be full or quite full in LTE or 3G The problem is the same on Stock Android or LineageOS My operator is "Free" in France Any idea to fix that ?
  14. hi After using lineageos, i would like to return to stock android. I followed the steps from here but when i launch the script under git terminal, i get en error (not the one listed on the pdf) why ? and how can i fix that ?
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