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  1. A few days ago I just started having ghost touches appear about 3/4th of the way down from the top of the screen. Contacting Support to see if they have suggestions, or worst case, if a replacement screen is the way to go? I've been using this Pro1 since July 2020.
  2. Anyone using Fi with a Pro1? I just flashed mine with Lineage 17.1 and can activate Fi on the device. Texting works, but unfortunately if someone calls me, all I hear is static. 🤔
  3. One advantage of the Pro1 over the Priv? The Pro1 now officially has LineageOS support (17.1, as of this post), so that's a big advantage over the Priv, which hasn't had support from anyone since the end of 2017. It'd be pretty awesome if someone would figure out how to crack a Priv to install LineageOS...
  4. I'm selling a QWERTY Pro1 for $630 US, plus shipping. I prefer to ship to a buyer in the United States since international shipping isn't the most reliable right now. (Thanks COVID-19!) The phone is running the stock OS patched with the latest OTA update. Includes original packaging. I like the smartphone, no issues. No scratches. Thought I'd have more time to play and experiment with the Pro1 - I want to try Lineage 17.1 on it! - but haven't had time. Plus, I see other people waiting for their Pro1 units, and complaining on F(x)tec's Instagram...
  5. Google Fi worked for me without issue. I already had a Fi account - downloaded the Google Fi app, and it activated flawlessly. Didn't have to mess with the network settings, mobile data is fine. I can send/receive SMS/MMS messages without issue. Or I think I can.
  6. I received a Pro1 this week, and I'm impressed by its quality. I pushed the phone off my desk (by accident, not as a stress test) and it survived flawlessly. Freaked me out when it clattered onto the wood floor. Fun fact: I totally screwed installation of the included screen protector, but wasn't expecting to use a protector anyway.
  7. You definitely need to update your phone... by 2022. 😜
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