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  1. Has anybody tried both: SailfishOS vs Ubuntu Touch? Which one is better suited as everyday phone's platform?
  2. Yes, great idea, but please LineageOS first πŸ˜‰
  3. That did the trick - test16 booted OK! So that was the reason for non-booting system for those without gapps... Thanks a lot! Now to test qwertz keyboard πŸ™‚
  4. Yes please, guide me - i'm ready to help if I can πŸ˜‰
  5. But then test11 is even more older, but installs and boots successfully πŸ˜‰
  6. Well, mine is not recent: S/N: fxtec000236. Was shipped in the end of January. However, in the middle of May, before installing SailfishOS and after reverting to stock, I let the stock to install all ota updates it offered. But then again, after SailfishOS and before LineageOS test14 i again reverted to stock but this time without ota updates.
  7. Exactly the same you get using the here published stock reverting method using the file QX1000_user_20191028191838_0a493a1_Fastboot.rar Let the first start to go until the first setup screen and switched off there.
  8. Pro1 was reverted to stock using fastboot method published here. First boot went to the stock recovery asking to format/wipe data. After doing that stock booted to android initial setup screen. Switced the Pro1 off. Followed carefully the test14 install procedure. Result as with test12 - test13 - very long startup animation and then rebooted to recovery screen offering only either to continue or to wipe system data. Tried both with no results. recovery_sideload.log Additional information: test11 installed and booted just fine.
  9. Well, my hope was on that too, when I tried to upgrade my test11 to test12 or test13 but the test12 or test13 just did not boot and system was reverted to recovery instead of booting to functional test11...
  10. The site is not vulnerable. Just the connection between the web server running there and your web browser is not encrypted resulting that somebody along the route could read the information.
  11. Does Arch Linux forces you to run fastboot with sudo? Wasn't it even not recommended?
  12. It has been covered here already. And not apostrophes (if I'm correct here), but the letters are getting accents. apostrophe is a separate key ' not a dead_key like ' and `. 47:0026:802b should fix the L key.
  13. Not at all - just flash boot-qwertz-test2.img to the boot partition of the slot you are running test11 (in my case it was boot_b) and you are at the latest layout πŸ˜‰
  14. Thank you confirming my situation! Do you have test11 laying around? Are you able to install test11 and boot it successfully?
  15. My case makes me think that LineageOS and SailfishOS could make the Pro1 somewhat incompatible to each other? The installation of SailfishOS on top of LineageOS ended without any error messages - it just did not boot. After returning to stock with fastboot method, SailfishOS installation was successful. Now the installation of LineageOS (newer than test11) on top of SailfishOS was again without any error message, but it just did not boot. I returned the Pro1 to stock again already, but that also booted only to recovery and asked to reformat data. After that the stock booted ok. Any ideas?
  16. As TMO Forum is somewhat off-topic to the subject, then I post it also here - decided to offer my F(x)tec Pro1 for sale. Link to the original announcement is here.
  17. test 13 does not boot like test12. Returns to recovery. And no way to boot into test11 which worked ok, although the slot a/b thing should be designed for that? History: 1. Returned to stock and decided to offer my Pro1 to sale... 2. Decided still to test again SailfishOS. Flashed twrp to boot_a and using twrp installed SailfishOS. 3. tdm resumed development and decided to continue testing qwertz layout 4. flashed test12 boot to boot_a and sideloaded test12 to b - did not boot 5. repeated that with test11 boot&zip - test11 booted ok and was able to test q
  18. 47:0026:802b (l and ') It was in issue 35 and by some reason did not get into qwertz test1 and later in test2...
  19. Thanks a lot! Seems to be mostly correct. I guess the yellow-key pluss l should give ' (apostrophe), at moment it gives ' (acute accent) if my eyes see them correctly Also yellow-key pluss ΓΌ gives ~ but for it to be really usefull should give dead_tilde... Thanks again for a great progress!
  20. Unfortunately not. 😞 This generates qQ" eg yellow-arrow + q generates ". If you look at the current keymap (/sys/bus/i2c/drivers/aw9523b/6-0058/keymap), then you can find a line "60:0003:8003" - it is for key 2 and 8003 generates " as it should do. Actually that kind of problem restricted the keys I was able to adjust to these I posted in issue35 πŸ˜‰ However @ can be generated with the help of Sym key. Sym + q generates @. πŸ˜‰ And all other these still missing yellow keys which should be mapped to "yellow-arrow"... Created a file symkey.txt which describes the current Sym key mappin
  21. Yes, correct - (1) no modifiers, (2) shift, and (3) yellow-arrow. This is the result with your modified qwertz boot image. Thanks! Please note that " lLL should be lL' " can be easily fixed with the line "47:0026:802b" which by some reason did not get into that "modified qwertz boot image".
  22. I tried hard to find the codes (mostly as trial&error procedure) for still missing Fn+ keys, but failed. It seems that the symbols missing are currently tied to the Sym key acting as Altgr key for keys corresponding to pc105 keyboard german qwertz layout not for Pro1 german qwertz layout? If somebody guides me to the usable keycode table then I'll continue. It was very easy in SailfishOS to get the keyboard layout you like, but that is Linux... πŸ˜‰ The original output.txt was missing some corrections. I provided the corrected one in my original post and also here. output1
  23. So it seems, that a fresh install with test12 results a non-booting system, but upgrade from test11 is working OK? Tried also to upgrade my test11 to test12, but as I flashed also the boot-qwertz-test1.img then the recovery thinks that my test11 with that boot image is newer than test12 and refuses to install... πŸ˜„
  24. boot-qwertz-test1.img just gives some more correctly assigned keys for german qwertz keyboard variant for test11&test12. I guess the changes will be incorporated into the lineageos boot image inside the lineage zip - eg in test13...
  25. Yes, all keys I noted in issue worked properly except Fn+l. I'll attach here a file output.txt with the keys output and comments. Thanks for your work! output1.txt
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