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  1. what's the recommended version to flash as of now? Some December posts mention builds newer than 2020-11-02
  2. I must've missed that, thanks!
  3. Out of curiosity, I guess that IGG perks have no warranty either?
  4. tdm, could we possibly have both drivers in the lineage kernel and be able to choose between them without rebuilding the kernel (possibly requiring root)? I'm thinking about a way to adapt the keyboard layout to fit the Polish language and I'll almost certainly will need to somehow remap some fn+something combo. Probably I'd want to use fn+a as altgr+a but keep fn+l as it is. There might be other languages for which a dead fn key causes trouble.
  5. What's the purpose of the changes in the "Add keylogger" commit? https://github.com/tdm/android_kernel_fxtec_msm8998/commit/b03a10e872bc451e7300a1d5ed93204f3c3468b1
  6. @tdm is there a technical reason for that or is it just a bug?
  7. No, but I assumed internal storage should work equally well (when soneone says sdcard in the context of Android, I often think /sdcard, which is often mapped to the internal storage)
  8. Does LineageOS recovery allow flashing zips from sdcard? I didn't see such an option anywhere and I thought only sideload is possible.
  9. I tried OTA with 20200914 and again a softbrick, using the `adb sideload` method unbricked the device. I'm wondering about the root cause. One hypothesis is that I wrote /system. I followed this guide of mine to install the F-Droid Privileged Extension. Touching /system in any way will break OTAs on stock, and I'm wondering if the same may be the case for LineageOS. Saying "just don't write system" is not a solution, because it's impossible to modify /etc/hosts without writing /system 🙂
  10. Is the 20200831 OTA safe to install? there was a lot of trouble with 20200824 (system not booting), wondering if anyone had similar issues with 20200831 Or should I just flash the update with adb sideload?
  11. As for GPS, yesterday I tried to get a cold fix while traveling in a car and it took about 20 minutes, even though there were roughly 12 satellites visible all the time. It was in Poland. Today it was much better and it the fix was almost instant. Looks like under some circumstances the GPS fix is terribly slow.
  12. I tried switching in fastboot and it didn't work. I ended up wiping data 😞
  13. There is certainly a hardware issue with my device. After long time of usage I noticed spontaneous key events for keys that I didn't even touch. Looks like the keyboard is short-circuiting. I'd send it back for warranty, but since people have waited 7 months for the replacement, I'm a little afraid to send it back for warranty until they finish the pre-orders. Btw. I also have issues with the USB-C port disconnecting while moving the cable slightly and suspicions of hardware issues with the camera sensor (remaining glue or other dirt in the camera unit)
  14. Same here, no gapps at all. I tried downgrading (unsupported, I know), but the recovery doesn't accept sideloading in either case (both 20200803 and 20200824). I'm simply getting adb: sideload connection failed: no devices/emulators found adb: trying pre-KitKat sideload method... adb: pre-KitKat sideload connection failed: no devices/emulators found
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