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  1. SailfishOS can be seen as a Linux distribution (Android uses Linux kernel too). Only thing where it relies on Android are Android drivers through libhybris. Certain Android Apps can be run in SailfishOS using an emulator and it is possible and officially supported only on certain Sony Xperia models - so no go on Pro1. The overall state of SailfishOS on Pro1 is a community port in alpha stage. Many thanks to those making it possible (the same goes to LineageOS porters)! Could SailfishOS on Pro1 be used as a daily phone? Well - it depends. Give it a try but don't hope you can find every application you have used in Android. And there are some small glitches here and there. But overall it feels like a draught of fresh air in the stale atmosphere of Android&IOS 😄 My last try results from the end of June are here 🙂
  2. Is there a particular reason for that? Moving Gapps and other addons? My Nexus 6 with no Gapps usually performs an LineageOS OTA update in 2-3 minutes.
  3. Temporary because the following updates already include boot.img. You made an inaccuracy here, according to the install page: fastboot flash boot <recovery_filename>.img It does not matter to which slot boot partition it is flashed if it is install and not a update.
  4. Something is up already: https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/pro1 👍 Edit: since July 18th there is a thread at Lineageos reddit.
  5. Well, if somebody asked my opinion, then I'd put all efforts to get the official LineageOS for Pro1 out. It is always possible to tweak things later, make test builds and discuss them here etc...
  6. Did you mean "x on the Mobile Data" ?
  7. At least not the test18.zip. adb sideloading is just a different method of "flashing" as I understand it 🙂
  8. When I last tested it in the middle of June - my results were the following...
  9. Shouldn't you flash the permissive image after you flash the test18 image? Currently it seems that you just proved, that there are no problems with test18 image and if there were any, they were resolved with factory reset? Of course, I could be totally wrong how I'm understanding the situation...
  10. Could not confirm here. At first just flashed test18 over test17, but then rebooted to recovery, Wipe data / factory reset, sideloaded test18 to another slot, booted to initial setup and it passed the wifi setup with no problems (no sim card) and internet connection was present (time was updated). However - no gapps here.
  11. Confirmed here also. The upper row (numbers etc) is OK, but all other rows are shifted and yellow arrow (Fn) key does not always correspond to what is printed to the keys even if the shifted situation is taken into account.
  12. I'm wondering, what unit it is when you are talking about current? Current is measured in amperes (eg 1.5 A) but you are writing here "...with a maximum current of 1.5C."? Let's be correct and precise, gentlemen - it's physics 😉
  13. As a long-time KDE user - Plasma Mobile. But until that: LineageOS with no Gapps 😉 I also keep my eye on SailfishOS and Ubuntu Touch & ubports.
  14. It would be great! 🙂
  15. Has anybody tried both: SailfishOS vs Ubuntu Touch? Which one is better suited as everyday phone's platform?
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