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  1. If I had bought $700 USD in Bitcoin instead of this phone (which I still do not have) in Feb 2020, I would have over $2800 right now.
  2. I paid for an original Pro1 back in Feb 2020. I'm still waiting on it.
  3. I wouldn't get my hopes up about a new phone anytime soon from this company. I ordered an FXtec Pro1 in February 2020, and still haven't seen any sign of it. Vaporware?
  4. So what I'm seeing is, the device I purchased in February 2020, which I have never received, is now going to be a different device than I purchased. I love waiting on stuff that's going to be slow and outdated by the time I get it, just to find out it will be even slower than before and a year later.
  5. It's my 1 year anniversary since I ordered a Pro1 and still don't have it.
  6. I'm so glad that someone got the NEW phone when I still haven't gotten the OLD phone yet after ordering it in February 2020. Worst company than Planet Computers and their phone was down right terrible!
  7. I'm still waiting on my US/QWERTY that was ordered in February 2020.
  8. I am apparently mistaken. My order was done through one of my customers who just informed me that the order did not happen until Feb 2020. An update to that is all unfulfilled orders will go out in December (hopefully of 2020).
  9. I had one of my clients order a Pro1 for me after purchasing a Cosmo Communicator myself. The Cosmo was a huge let down in many aspects. I had hoped to get a Pro1 shortly after. A year later and I still have no Pro1 after having it ordered in November 2019. The reason I'm posting today is, I got an email promoting the new Pro1-X. I would be quite pleased if they would send a Pro1-X instead, or send an email asking if we'd rather use the money we already gave to FXTec to put towards a Pro1-X instead. How long do I have to wait for a QWERTY phone?
  10. I ordered a qwerty one last year in November. I have yet to receive mine. I don't even expect to ever get it at this point.
  11. I've been waiting over a year as well. I ordered one after getting the Cosmo Communicator and not liking it. For some reason I thought FxTec would be a better company than Planet Computers, but I could be wrong. At least I got a device from PC. I've never received anything for my money from FxTec.
  12. Does anyone even have a QWERTY model? I've been waiting since November 2019 for mine.
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