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  1. I am in a similar boat. They were actually happy to have it sent to them to check and repair (at my expense, which was almost $100 AUD) They have had it a few months and promised to send a new one. I haven't seen it yet though. You may just need to be patient and give them a nudge every now and then.
  2. I sent the phone back as it had a faulty key. They declined my request for a refund, but now have also not sent out a replacement phone. It has been a few months now
  3. Both wifi and cellular are unusable for me. Very poor connectivity. That's a deal-breaker. But I am hopeful the issues with be resolved. I had issues of false triggering of the fingerprint reader when using in portrait, which refreshed pages or did other strange things. Another deal-breaker. The rest of the good, I agree with. The rest of the bad, I did not experience. I believe the speaker crackle is a known issue. Give the forum a search.
  4. Thanks for bringing some positivity in a forum full of complaints. Yes, this phone was so close to being amazing, but things out of the company's control threw quite a few spanners in the works. I am disappointed, but optimistic that they will fix the main issues in time. It's really amazing that a small company could design and produce a mobile phone that looks and feels the same quality as what a huge company like Samsung produces. I really hope they can resolve the issues and more of us can switch to using it as our daily driver. I cannot wait to show it off to my friends, es
  5. I completely agree that 48MP is unnecessary on such a tiny camera lens. All it would do is fill up flash storage very quickly! Thanks for the interesting post - it was good to learn a few things. And I'm glad that this is actually a decent camera sensor. I was just afraid that when I saw the "48MP" label that maybe it had been swapped for a cheap camera last minute. The label reminded me a lot of the standard fake Chinese specs.
  6. Sorry - not meaning to hijack, but has anyone had luck getting 4K video and does anyone know what the rear camera actually is? There's a physical label that says 48MP, but that sounds fake to me and the camera app goes to 12MP maximum.
  7. You have to try pretty hard to significant scratch Gorilla Glass. I've not used any kind of screen protector on the previous few Samsung Galaxy models I've owned and after several years of use, there's nothing more than surface scratches. I'm of the opinion that screen protectors do little more than reduce the sensitive and usability of the touch screen.
  8. I don't have anything to add except that I am experiencing the same issue with wifi. I am literally less than 3 metres from a good quality wifi access point, through no obstructions. The phone connects on 5GHz and gets a "fair" signal but then usually switches over to 2.4GHz as the signal gets too weak. I have not tried cellular yet, but this thing might need to remain in its box until there's a firmware patch.
  9. Thanks. I've seen a few of your posts floating around. I did intend on getting some kind of case, although the phone was supposed to come with something in the box. I cannot be the only one who holds their phone in this way and constantly activates the fingerprint sensor. I may end up having to disable it, if that's even possible.
  10. When holding my phone in certain positions, my hand rests against the fingerprint reader. When using Chrome, this constantly refreshes the page. I cannot find where this can be disabled.
  11. Received today. No duty/tax payable (Australia). We must have a free trade agreement.
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