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  1. I guess that I won't know until I get a chance to try it. Glad to hear that there is a workaround, though.
  2. I hear what you're saying, but I think that most users buy a phone as a means to communicate with others while on the go. A physical keyboard makes it easier for me to write paragraphs just as I like them. And it's not like you can't write sequences with normal smartphone physical keyboard behavior. It's not too hard to just rapidly tap a key. That even gives you more control over exactly how many <'s you need. You can also make good use of copy and paste.
  3. That seems to have been the problem, then. It's odd that it would enable caps with two presses of the [Shift] key seconds apart. Still, it's much worse to not have sticky shift at all!
  4. Oh, interesting. Rapidly double-tapping the [Shift] key to turn on caps lock is behavior that I'm used to, but it does seem a bit superfluous given that there is a separate [Caps] key.
  5. Sounds like you'd really benefit from a sticky shift, then! It's just two key presses vs. the Caps Lock method's three key presses. (If out of force of habit you keep holding down a [Shift] key, you're still going to end up with a capital letter, so it's not like that aspect is going to disturb you.)
  6. I'm having trouble following you here. Are you saying that I should be able to find settings for the keyboard? I know that these settings should exist, since we were promised keyboard shortcuts and whatnot, but they don't seem to exist. It seems to just be the same stock Android keyboard functionality that gets a Chromebook keyboard to work. That limited functionality is a nightmare for thumb typing. I'm surprised that you don't like the sticky shift, by the way! I'm not too worried about having trouble reproducing the issue. The speaker problem seems to happen all the time.
  7. Um, what does that mean for us Pro¹ X users?
  8. I am now able to confirm that these speaker issues are not persistent. There are stretches where the speakers seem to work just fine. I'm not sure if that makes the problem easier or harder to fix . . .
  9. I obviously can't test it out on LineageOS right now, but I just tried several apps on Android and none of them make the keyboard behave any differently. It's a bit concerning to learn that even on LineageOS proper smartphone keyboard typing seems to be limited to only a subset of apps.
  10. Ah, that makes sense. The last paragraph on my previous post suggests that you need to hold three keys down simultaneously, but you don't actually have to hold down a yellow [↗] key. Still, the fact that the [Alt] key isn't sticky either makes typing accents and the like a pain. This especially true in Spanish, which uses tons of acute accents. The [Alt] key and the [E] key are right on top of each other on the left side of the keyboard, so holding them down at the same time isn't easy and certainly wasn't designed for thumb typing. And there isn't a Spanish keyboard on that website for a work
  11. For all the issues that I reported on the other thread, wifi isn't one of them. Granted, my home wifi sucks, so I haven't tried to do anything very heavy.
  12. Is this part about the yellow symbols a response to anything in particular that I wrote above? I didn't mention this above, but my only issue with the yellow [↗] keys is that they also aren't sticky. You have to actually hold one of those keys down and keep it held down while you tap the key with the yellow symbol that you want to type. Except for the smiley face, which I thought did nothing. But while playing around with the keyboard just know I discovered that if you hold down a yellow [↗] key, the [Alt] key with the yellow smiley face and a third key ([E] for ´, [U] for ¨, [N] for
  13. First off, thank you to the F(x)tec team for pushing through against adversity and sending the Pro¹ X out to us loyal keyboard fans! I had ordered through the website in August 2021. I'm really glad to be one of the lucky few who already has this fun piece of hardware! I got Model QX1050 in the mail earlier this week. I've been playing around with the device and need help. Some things, like opening and closing the keyboard, I'm getting used to. Other things, not so much . . . The first issue that I came across has nothing to do with F(x)tec. Transferring from one Android device to another
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