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Found 6 results

  1. I just published what's basically a modified variant of FinQwerty called Fx Qwerty with focus on Pro1 usability.
  2. I just found out by chance that Ctrl + Enter will submit a post on those forum. I'm using Fulguris Web Browser, I'm not sure that's relevant, it probably works the same on Chrome and others. I've known for a while that Shift + Enter goes to next line without creating a new paragraph. However that Ctrl + Enter trick is new to me. Though I guess it's always been there as a means to submit an HTML form. What are your favorites little-known keyboard shortcuts?
  3. Hello there Pro1 experts! 🙂 I have accidentally dropped my phone on the wooden floors a few times, no hard bumps mostly from our living room table on to the carpet actually. The problem is that I have noticed the the keyboard bulges out a bit, just at the edge. (The edge facing you when having the keyboard slid open) Now, what would be a good way of putting the keyboard back into place. I've tried gently nudging the plastic with my fingers and nails to push the keyboard down and latch on to the notch, with no success. I wouldn't want to be putting too much force into it. Sh
  4. Not even 6 months of use and it looks like my left Ctrl key does not give feedback anymore. Thankfully it is still working, it just won't click anymore, so it is hard to tell if you are pressing it properly.
  5. I found this google documentation about Pixel keyboard shortcuts some of them possibly apply to Pro1. Note that, Search 🔍 shortcuts aka Bookmarks are not accessible with the default keyboard layout.
  6. Randomly the keyboard will continually repeat a letter once pressed. Stops once you hit another key. Same behaviour weather using hardware or on screen keyboard. Also noticed same behaviour on my Asus TX201LA when using hardware keyboard on android. Current GBoard input language is set to English (Australian) Current FxTec Pro1 input language is (Default) I am unsure if the input language is the issue or something else?
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