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  1. One thing that I will flag, for anyone else who may be following along, is that you probably shouldn't use scrcpy for hours on end. At least in my case it overheated my Pro¹ X so much that it automatically shut itself off.
  2. No drop or screen crack in my case By "enable debug mode", do you mean anything more than flipping the "USB debugging" switch? Does scrcpy have an APK, or is it solely to be installed on my computer?
  3. In your experience, have they been able to deal with complex issues? As in, should I raise my old complaints about the faulty speaker on the device that I mentioned before? I'm referring to this thread:
  4. For the last several weeks I've had serious problems with the display of my Pro¹ X. Right now the display only works when the keyboard is slightly ajar, which makes the phone almost useless. The problems started about a month ago and I think that they were triggered by the interaction between Android Auto and whatever customized software the Pro¹ X has to force landscape mode when the keyboard slides out. Initially, all I noticed is that when the keyboard slides out, the display on Android Auto switches to portrait mode. Later I noticed that after disconnecting from Android Auto, the phon
  5. Did that already over the weekend and it worked (not with super glue, but another strong glue)! So far no problems! The tiny glue stain that I previously noticed was slightly to the upper-right from the tiny circle, which may explain why the key fell off in the first place. Thanks for confirming that I did the right thing, @Casey. By the way, do you happen to have answers to any of my questions about the keyboard software that I asked at the top of this thread? Or feedback on the speaker issues that I raised in the same post?
  6. Got it. For the record, the mat looks awfully white since it is translucent and backlit.
  7. That picture must be of the Pro¹, not the Pro¹ X. My keyboard layout is different. Maybe that's why we are having trouble understanding each other. But EskeRahn seems to have it right. If you lifted the black keyboard in your picture, would the keys fall out? Or is there something squishy below the black keyboard, out of sight of the camera?
  8. There is no foil, and there is no double-sided tape. There is just a faint speck of what I assumed to be some type of glue that held the key to the rest of the keyboard. I just need to know what type of glue that speck was. There also appears to be no need to disassemble the keyboard. Even if it were necessary and I had the technical capacity to do that, how could I line the key up perfectly? Right now the key fits perfectly. Is there any hope that a representative from F(x)tec will step in to provide guidance?
  9. I'm not sure if I understand your question, but pressing [Z] works fine without the [Z] key. It's just a little more recessed without the plastic key, and with an annoying backlight. What's below is flat, firm, soft and translucent.
  10. It's in the title, but a week ago my little cousin somehow managed to pop the [Z] key off the keyboard. From the look of it, the keys are just held on with a little bit of glue. Can I just super glue the key back on or is that approach unadvisable for some reason?
  11. Too late for me, though . . . My BlackBerry KEY² got stuck in a boot loop a couple weeks ago on the same day that I had to go on an international trip, so I had to switch over and use my Pro¹ X as my daily driver
  12. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case. I don't have a Pro¹, but from messages posted in this thread it seems to have supported sticky shift and from the website it seems to have supported keyboard shortcuts. It's as if I'm using the same keyboard driver on my Pro¹ X as what you might find on a Chromebook (in other words, a driver not designed for thumb typing).
  13. I thought about that, but it just doesn't seem to handle that security issue very cleanly. Relaunching the camera app seems to affect the camera settings that I have been using, and it's not necessary when the phone is already unlocked. I would turn it off too, but I don't see that option.
  14. I can't figure out how to reproduce this behavior. I haven't tried the Hungarian keyboard, but the Spanish keyboard layouts don't seem to have an effect on the physical keyboard. All I notice is that spellchecking on Spanish became terrible, with almost half of a typical paragraph underlined in red. I did notice a setting buried within the app to disable key repeat. This worked, but it also disabled key repeat for the backspace button. In any case, simply disabling key repeat doesn't make it any easier to type accented characters.
  15. I've actually been very confused by the physical camera button and as a result now rarely use it. The button doesn't just launch the stock camera app. It both launches the camera app and automatically snaps a photo. Sure, it tries to focus first before snapping, but it's a pain when I click the button by accident and it snaps some junk photograph. I'm also not entirely sure that it even launches the stock camera app, by the way. When I already have the stock camera app running, it seems to launch a separate instance or separate version of the app that, for instance, displays nothing
  16. I am very sympathetic with your complaints. That you had to poach a phone that you paid for off somebody else's porch is crazy. And it's clear that the stock Android as shipped isn't designed for thumb typing on the physical keyboard, which is also crazy since thumb typing on a physical keyboard is the entire point of the phone. Even if you did decide to test the Android version out, you may suffer the same faulty speaker issue that I have experienced. But you did answer your own question here. They did give you a heads-up that they would ship Android. And as you could see from the websit
  17. Guys, this is all incredibly hard to follow. I don't plan to flash custom ROMs until F(x)tec says that they're ready, so I hope that they release good instructions by that point. But in the meantime, do the backup instructions outlined above have anything to do with the backup instructions found here? And what is the difference between Google Mobile Services and Google Play Services, anyway? I know about the limitations of using a device without the latter, but not the former.
  18. So now at least three of us have this issue . . . I had to look up clipping. How could that be the cause if it sometimes works more or less OK with the volume up? I wish that there was a way to just disable the bottom speaker. I've been getting by just fine without stereo on my KEY².
  19. Thanks for the tip! Is this the keyboard that you're talking about? https://anysoftkeyboard.github.io/ I haven't tried mobile data yet. Given all the other problems, I wasn't about to pop my SIM card over.
  20. Right, that's what I experience. It's worrying that at least two of us have this issue. 😞 By setting the audio to max volume you're probably just masking the tapping/popping noises. Audio with percussion sounds is less affected by the distortions too, of course.
  21. Yep, there isn't really another option yet, is there? The only sound issue that you have is that one speaker is lower than the other?
  22. Oh, nice. I know exactly what you're talking about. I haven't tested that yet. It seems like the behaviour that I described (about how the camera both launches and snaps a pictures) is something else entirely?
  23. I haven't ventured outside yet to experiment with the camera, but the camera button has me pretty confused. Unlike double-pressing the power button, which just opens the camera app, pressing the camera button launches the app and then snaps a picture automatically. I never owned the original Pro1, so I'm not sure what this 2-stage thing is.
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