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  1. Am I the only one that thinks it funny that despite supposedly removing DOA devices from stock just days before shipping, still several users report recieving DOA devices caused by battery depletion? Yes, fxtec are not only bad at communication, this sounds like deliberate untruth. @Casey, feel free to proove me wrong. Also, waiting for your response to my last comment, whenever you are ready.
  2. Also, @Casey, what about non-Qwerty layouts? Have they been produced, or are they not happening? I am asking, because I am reading in the IGG comments that someone (maybe more?) got sent a qwerty, despite backing/buying another layout? Any news about all of the problems reported with the Pro1X? Are you working on it, or is it a "if youre lucky, youre lucky" kind of level at this point? Also, what is your reaction to those who feel its weird and unfair that youre selling of devices left and right at a fraction of IGG prices? And whats the reasoning behind offering paid import tax
  3. Your best bet would be to file a grievance with your credit/debit card issuer. These guys do not do refunds, even when the law is on your side, sadly.
  4. Congratulations for those of you that have received your Pro1 X, this is a teriffic OS. It is what I would have run on mine, if I ever received it.
  5. So, @Casey, it has been two weeks since you wrote this. Now Im just a curious fellow, but could you please give us a rough estimate of the number of devices that has now been shipped (during these two weeks), and how many will ship in the next two weeks?
  6. 700+ of What, exactly? Let me guess, Qwerty only? It was my understanding that the devices where already at the factory, as per the June update? So why are there still devices at the "old warehouse"? and how many that are affected by the battery bug (and basically useless for now) are there in total? Whats the status of non-qwerty layouts?
  7. If one would pull on their tinfoil cap for just a moment, the combination of an unreasonably large cable connector combined with "a proprietary app or two" from a no-name chinese cable manufacturer sounds like a great way to do many shady things 😁
  8. My theory is that it will not arrive, because they have no (or extremely few) devices left to ship, even if they have enough money in pocket to ship. This would also explain them refusing to ask for more money for shipping, because if they raised the money, and still couldnt ship, the "jigg would be up", so to speak.
  9. And personally, as a backer of a Pro1x I will most likely never recieve, if they do end up officially selling the devices meant for backers, I will explore any available legal avenue, as that would be extremely doubtful business practice, and most likely illegal in most countries. (Taking money for creating a product, with a promise of delivery of such a product to the sponsor in case creating said product succeeds, and then selling them off to someone else entirely). Just my two cents.
  10. The option of trying to get a charge-back may also be available if you backed on Indiegogo. In some countries, and with some card issuers, crowdfunding are judged on the same basis as pre-orders, so it may be worth trying, if you really want the refund. The worst thing that can happen is that you get a no for an answer, and thats that.
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