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  1. First time on the road with my Pro1. Woke up at five this morning. Spent more than 6 hours on trains going to Paris from Germany. At 10 in the evening battery was still at 60%. Tips: Keep battery saving mode on at all times. Turn off auto-sync.
  2. My Pro1 battery usually can last a day of average use. However, too often I find it overheating and thus wasting battery power for no obvious reason. I've had issues early on and tracked it down to Gmail, disabling auto-sync or using Fx Service to schedule auto-sync usage mostly fixed the issue. However lately I found it overheating more often even when auto-sync was disabled. My workaround this time involves turning on Battery Saver and leaving it on all the time. I'm just getting started with this solution but so far it looks very promising. Now my concern is that even when the phone was overheating I have never seen Battery Manager reporting any power consumption issue with an app. That probably means that the issues lie with built-in or trusted apps and components that are exempt from Battery Manager scrutiny somehow. That or Battery Manager is useless on that phone. Have you guys ever seen Battery Manager reporting any issues? Are you using third-party app the keep track of power consumption per application?
  3. A couple of days ago my Pro1 started seriously overheating and draining its battery. Rebooting didn't help. After investigation I noticed it was constantly using network bandwidth both upload and download. Settings battery usage was reporting Gmail as being most greedy. Network monitoring tools were in fact showing some Google Service was responsible for that traffic. Turning off auto-sync in Gmail fixed the issue. Battery life is now awesome with the downside that emails and personal info don't sync automatically, obviously. I only have two accounts in Gmail, namely Google Gmail and an Active Sync account. Only the later is setup to synchronise. This is a problem I've seen before on my venerable Samsung S7 Edge.
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