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  1. I had the same problem I wanted to install lineageos and I was stuck in the fastboot. I tried several things the reset tool and so on but nothing helped Than i switch to active Boot a and than it boots fastboot --set-active=a I hope that will help
  2. Got FedEx tracking number, 20 min ago via sms, scheduled for 5/5/2020
  3. There is a corner facing towards the keyboard
  4. @hkaYes I have 0.2 mm more in X and Y @EskeRahn Ok that's right I'll change that Next I want to print in TPU what is like a normal cover
  5. I have edit the 3d case that Was made by hka to fit my specs i printed it with pla and made the holes a bit bigger and the outer Walls thicker Here is the stl file pro1-v8-PLA.stl
  6. I found the factory test mode. It can be used to test all functions to determine whether the cell phone is working or not. You can test eg Screen, Backlight, Touch, Sensors, Flashlight, camera... And more !!!! But be careful there is an emergency call test !!!!!! To get there you go into the settings, about the phone and there click on the Android 9 button then a popup window appears. If you now click on the build number you get a toast message that you should click 3 times quickly. Then the factory tool opens. It is all in Chinese but if you go
  7. Dresden, Germany I have a qwerty one And hope that I get my QWERTZ soon
  8. Hi I also add some Info for statistics No stock assigned yet #194xx ordered: July 5 paid: August 8 county: Germany no coupon QWERTZ
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