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Battery: Document how easy device can be opened & exact battery model

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I want to use my phones as long as possible. If people manage not to drop their devices and keep them away from their toilets, the lifetime limiting factor is the battery (capacity) degradation.

Thus it'd be important for me to know

1. how easy it is to open the device: Just unscrew some screws, or loosen glue with a heat gun, or even worse with rippling metal foils breaking as soon as you try to open it?

2. What kind of battery is used exactly? This involves both its physical dimensions as well as its electrical characteristics. There not only capacity and voltage are relevant, but also what kind of protocol is spoken over the third pin. Example: For the Jolla 1 phone it is possible to find compatible 3rd party replacement batteries, but they can not report the temperature back to the system as their 2rd pin uses a different kind of resistor for that.


If I know beforehand whether and how to replace the internal battery of the Pro¹, then I'm willing to buy one.

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I was told they plan to make replacement parts and spares available. The backside does not look glued too me, but even if, nowadays that should not be a problem to those who repair phones for a living.

Worst case scenario: use a cell which nearly identical dimensions and solder the PCB to it. Did this with my photon q batteries aswell.. maybe we can get an idea on how to open the device when more detailed pictures are being released, when the phone is in the process of making. Will do a tear-down as soon as I have one.

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It would indeed be great it was serviceable. If the keyboard could be replaced you could upgrade to desired layout once regional variants are available.


On this page https://www.fxtec.com/the-smartphone-you-thought-you-couldnt-have-keyboard/ it is written:

We incorporated your feedback about supporting multiple languages and made all the keyboard related components one piece. As such, changing layouts will only involve changing one part, making it easier to switch to say QWERTZ or the Scandinavian layout.



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I won't begrudge the ODM (Original Design Manufacturers) if their design is set up around a semi-automated process; to the chagrin of us DiY'ers. The reasoning is to reduce labor costs, for a phone that's being marketed to an audience of niche' status. That means the battery may not exactly be easy for us to replace as it is easy for them to assemble; such to hopefully reduce product support expenses in warranty claims.


Video for reference to Pro1 design.


An educated guess is that there will be adhesives used to join the keyboard to the metallic chassis, making the keyboard the first entry point. From there, I imagine there will be a ribbon that ties to a grounding-midframe, when propped up; exposes the mainboard-battery; making the battery one of the last items before total disassembly. In short; I guess that this phone will disassemble like how a Pixel 2/XL is disassembled.



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Will be interesting when someone shows a disassembly indeed. I noticed the small 'notch' between the frame and the space key (see e.g. 36s in in the XDA video above), that must be there for a reason. So if we are very lucky, the keyboard is clicked in. Keeping my fingers crossed....

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I scanned that code and it just gave me back the number at the bottom, IIDL120152725.  I couldn't find the other number anywhere either.  And I searched for batteries matching 3150mAh and 3.85V, on the chinese wholesale sites and couldn't find anything either. 😩

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6 minutes ago, netman said:

I think eventually we will figure it out, I'd be highly surprised if they had a battery custom made (don't think that'd make economical sense).

I agree that seems unlikely, and yet I couldn't find it anywhere, which seemed odd.  You would think they would use something that other phones have used and is widely available.  I agree, however, that we'll find out somehow. 😁

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