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  1. ^suddenlytwitter

  2. Who ate all the donuts?

    1. Noir


      It's Gon009.

  3. A full Windows build will not be possible on ARM, that was said earlier and the Pro1 does not make a difference there. Please correct me if I'm wrong. see below, proven wrong
  4. Same for the 'Powered by android' label. But of course we have the possibility to remove that 🤠
  5. LOS is already under developement. The initial plan was a release as soon as the Pro1 is available. I'll try stock unrooted with TWRP first, which is enough to change system files (adblock hosts, restore Appdata..). And on Topic: Keep it up, F(x)Tec!
  6. It's next to me when I sit down I don't sit on it, And usually I'm not topless, so my Shirt covers the case. It should fit a bit tight, so easy pickpocketing or losing the phone when I decide to continue my walk on my hands should not be an issue. Well, sure there might be pickpocketers out there who could teach me a better lesson. But I'm confident to say that this is not my main concern
  7. Still possible, since we don't know if everyone included in the first batch received an E-Mail. My estimation is, that Fxtec arranged the first shipments already, working with their order list, and as promised filtered for IGG backers, forwarded these order infos to the fulfillment centers and sent out the Mails. This way the distribution logistics can quickly forward the devices to the end users as soon as they arrive. If all those orders are processed, Fxtec will continue with filtering their orders and continue giving these info to the fulfillment centers. I'm sure not everyone in the first batch received their Mail yet. Edit: That assumption is now confirmed to be wrong.
  8. I dared to get a belt holster pouch thingy, without knowing if it would annoy me to have. I tried carrying the pouch now to see if that is a solution for me, and I'm quite surprised, the only time I notice the hoslter is when I get in my car. It's made of leather, sits safely on the belt, the cover is closed by magnets and feels very soft inside.
  9. That's not entirely true, people were in the same state as they currently are, expecting shipping times and getting angry because of an unclear situation. F(x)tec has been under the community's pressure for months now. They were not forced to give the 29th as a date, but they were kind of forced to give any date, to reuse your words.
  10. I think there is not alot of plastic at all. The frame, Hinge and back cover are metal-ish. And the mid frame where the pcb is held is a mixture of metal and plastic too. /edit: too slow. the community is on fire.
  11. I see your point, but since that is an offer from myself, there is nothing to feel selfish about. Offer still stands.
  12. i'll give you my accessoires if that would be the reason to keep your order. Let me know via pm how it works out for you.
  13. Even Screenrecorder apps fail to get the Audio recorded and can only record Mic-sound. I remember DU Screen recorder being one of those, and on stock roms the audio recording feature was only possible with certain manufacturers/OSes. Root helped there.
  14. There is certainly another circuit involved, Power Management and charging are as far as I am aware of 2 additional ICs. They have to meet the specifications aswell, and there might be the bottleneck to QC4.0
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