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  1. Germany, 20km from Brunswick / about an hour from Hannover
  2. the right part of my screen does not touch the landing pad either, it´s exactly as in the picture above. But I don´t have that rattle when typing, only when i shake the phone up- and down quickly. (just did that only to verify the posted issue). only when I hit the keys unnaturaly with my thumbs i can get the rattle to occur while typing, but usually i don´t even lift my thumbs from the keyboard while typing.. I expect the rattle to change over time, either through wear or debris which makes the movement harder, not sure if it will become worse or better.
  3. Noir

    Defective Screen

    Any influence on the display when opening/closing the pro1 slowly and turning the display off and on on different opening levels? It´s mandatory to turn off the display and reawake the phone after each movement of the slider. Maybe you´ll get a working image doing that to troubleshoot the flex cable, it´s connection, or the screen itself..
  4. Had the same issue, as told as the others. Charge your device. update will stay at 100% without any error message, needs 40% charge to finish the update. last resort: system->apps->show system apps->software update->clear storage->force stop Redownload the update then. if your battery is well above 40% and plug charger.
  5. Noir

    Spare Parts

    Sure. To access the factory test tool (within the stock rom of course), enter Settings -> About Phone -> Anroid Version. You will be presented with a popup, scroll down there and tap 3 times quickly on the build number: The options below are proximity- and Ambient light sensor test. To you and others: be careful with the others. One option dials emergency without any further warning! The two matching tests are checked on my screenshot: edit: You ninja-edited your post. have you tried turning it off and on again?
  6. The rest of the pre-orders is scheduled to be produced after the end of CNY, meaning a new batch should be ready mid to end of February.
  7. This behavior is the same on the stock build, and was raised to the CEO when I had the chance to get a hand on a prototype last year. I will try to bring this to attention again, but it's not a lineageOS specific thing as of now.
  8. can confirm, but I highly doubt it´s a Pro1 specific issue. To get those spell checking red lines under the bad words i needed to enable spell checking via gboard itself and also allow some privacy settings within chrome, then I had the empty box aswell. Maybe someone more into Google Apps can help, in the meantime try clearing Data and Cache of both Chrome and Gboard and confirm your settings regarding region and languages.
  9. Can not confirm. Assuming you mean the same as I do. Please provide more information to reproduce your issue.
  10. Will give you mine for exchange, it´s a one-of-a-kind. I would not recommend to take it apart to peel of the button and reseat it. As far as I can tell, single Buttons are not meant to be replaced/torn off.
  11. Noir

    ROM: Ungoogled Stock

    thanks alot @tdm for your work, has anyone tried to use microG with this build? I am not experienced with microG, but I am trying to gain some knowledge about it. Having admitted that sorry if this question is unnecessesary, but maybe an answer is possible nevertheless.
  12. tracking number received, Fxtec Order Status 'Completed' Delivery scheduled for friday, which is very shortly.
  13. Noir

    Spare Parts

    Kind of, yes, and we all had access to the picture of the Pro1 in pieces Chen posted on twitter, which helped a bit. Due to my work-background I'm very used to disassembling phones.
  14. Noir

    Spare Parts

    It's an urge. I need to disassemble everything. Don't lend me a Pen. I don't have a Pro1 yet, otherwise I would already done it.
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