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Pro1 Pre-Orders Updates

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Hi everyone,

A small update for you today. As some of you know our US shipment from the first batch has still not reached our US customers due to strict US customs regulations. According to the latest, the first US batch is being returned to our Hong Kong hub, but it's currently being queued in a customs office's sorting facility. We know the stock will arrive back, but by the time that happens, our next batches from the factory will be ready for shipping. Consequently, we will be bumping up the numbers of units in the next batches to accommodate for the customers designated from the first batch. EU and APAC customers have fully received the 1st batch, currently awaiting the next ones.

In terms of production, we know a batch of stock is leaving the factory sometime this week, but I don't have an official day for this yet. I expect that some of you will receive their stock assigned notice either late this week or sometime next week. But with this, it's important to note the time required to move stock between our 3 warehouses Hong Kong > Europe and the US at the same time.

To avoid the same customs issue, we will be choosing a different shipping method to comply with US customs regulations for our new batches. We understand this is very frustrating for both our US customers who were promised their device is coming with the first batch, and us for to having to ship the same batch twice and not meeting the promised US customers' expectations.

We are on track for general availability by Christmas, which of course means all pre-orders will be completed by then.

As always, thank you for your patience and support.


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A temporary post, until Erik updates here, with excerpts from the endless thread:

5 hours ago, Erik said:

Tracking details were emailed to our APAC and US/CA customers to those with stock assigned letters. The EU stock is in transit with a courier to our EU warehouse right now. I will write an update on the news thread later today when I get a chance.


4 hours ago, Erik said:

We are now having batches leaving the factory every week, another one is expected to be in transit between the warehouses by the end of this week, so technically another batch of "stock assigned" letters should be going out early next week.

I will provide more detailed info on this today once I get some time :).


3 hours ago, Erik said:

...  Each batch now covers between 1-2/10ths of all pre-orders.

This might disappoint some, and we understand this given how much all of you had to wait for the device, but the bigger picture is positive - we are producing and shipping devices a lot more frequently now that we addressed production and logistics related issues that were slowing us down.

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Hi everyone,

A brief, honest informal update as promised.

The US/APAC shipment from the 2nd batch has now been fulfilled, and some of you should have already been contacted by your couriers to confirm your delivery date. In the meantime, the 1st US batch is still stuck somewhere in a US customs office sorting hub awaiting to be shipped back to our main warehouse in Hong Kong. Customers from the 2nd US batch will be contacted by FedEx for their customs payment, as we have now decided to ship devices directly from Hong Kong in an effort to save time and avoid further foreign importer complications. This is subject to change, but for now, we will, of course, refund the state sales tax that our US customers had to pay for. If we haven't contacted you and your US order has already been delivered, please email [email protected] to receive your state tax refund.

The EU stock from the 2nd batch is also in transit and it's due to arrive in our UK-based warehouse early next week for all of those who received their stock assigned notices. There are slightly less EU devices with the 2nd batch, as the 2nd batch is compensating for the still stuck 1st US batch.

Our 3rd batch is leaving the factory this week on its way to our Hong Kong logistics hub, and I expect that customers from the 3rd batch will receive their stock assigned letters early next week. This new batch will have more EU QWERTZ devices, even though that won't cover all of our QWERTZ pre-orders just yet.

We are now expecting new batches to leave the factory every single week. These batches are relatively small, which allows for orders to be shipped weekly, instead of them being delayed additionally whilst waiting on a larger quantity to be shipped altogether. This is the less cost-effective method for us, but it allows for the Pro1 to be shipped as soon as manufactured.

Despite the increasing negativity in the forums, due to delayed shipping, the bigger picture is more positive than it ever has been. Devices are now being shipped every week, and each batch covers between 1-2 / 10ths of all of our pending pre-orders.

The ones who received their devices, please don't forget to brag on our forums and online 🙂

We understand you are all eager to get your hands on the Pro1. Me and the rest of the team are doing our very best in our powers to avoid further delays (and complaints).


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