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Help fixing a bulge in the chassi

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Hello there Pro1 experts! 🙂

I have accidentally dropped my phone on the wooden floors a few times, no hard bumps mostly from our living room table on to the carpet actually.

The problem is that I have noticed the the keyboard bulges out a bit, just at the edge. (The edge facing you when having the keyboard slid open)

Now, what would be a good way of putting the keyboard back into place. I've tried gently nudging the plastic with my fingers and nails to push the keyboard down and latch on to the notch, with no success. I wouldn't want to be putting too much force into it.

Should I try my hands at disassembling the phone, by removing and putting the keyboard back into place?

I'm attaching some photos, trying to show the bulging keyboard. I also added an illustration of basically how it looks from the side because of OCD tendencies I guess. 😛





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As far as I know the keyboard foil is mounted with heat and&or adhesive, so my GUESS would be that your specimen had had this foil mounted with a little too low amount of adhesive and/or is placed ever so slightly wrong with a bit of tension in the foil, that then popped up due to the bump.

I would try gently heating with a heat-gun (or hair drier) to attempt to make the adhesive more liquid, so the keyboard can be pushed in place. and then let the device cool back to room temperature, and see if it stays in place

You could also try contacting support, and hear if they have a better suggestion.

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It could be the battery, is the battery on that side of the phone? I assume it is because of dropping the phone, but I noticed it when using the phone one day, not directly after a fall.

We don't have a wiki here yet, right? I think I've read something about disassembling the phone before here in the forum...

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If you can easily press it down, but it just pops up again, I think adhesive is a very likely guess. If on the other hand something prevents it from being pressed down easily, something more severe could be the reason.

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Something is definitely in the way when I try to press it back. No movement at all. I thought it was just a notch in the way, that it should hook onto to be held into place. And I've tried gently bending the edge outwards with my fingernail to be able to press down the keyboard, to no avail. It wont budge at all. Disassembly seems like the next thing to try.

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Plantronics headset, that comes with a box with built-in stand, charger and battery bank. Great little device, except it doesn't work with Sailfish OS at the moment for some reason. It's on the list of problems to fix. Oh! and it also comes with a usb dongle to connect wirelessly to pc. So it's both bluetooth and usb.

https://www.kjell.com/se/produkter/mobilt/horlurar/bluetooth-headset/plantronics-voyager-5200-uc-paket-med-bluetooth-headset-p97201 (Swedish)

https://www.amazon.com/Plantronics-VOYAGER-5200-UC-206110-01-Advanced-Bluetooth/dp/B01G49I2FA (I guess this one matches.)

also, a gigantic mouse pad, a coaster made out of cork and a microsoft sculpt keyboard. 

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