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I have special question.
Can anyone take a look and made AospExtended rom?
Lineage Os is not bad, but have missing some for me important functions.

For example is not possible to fully edit and add navigation keys.
What i need is menu-home(recents)-back-search...as on my old phones.
This modification was possible on older LOS versions...but from 16 isnt 😞

Another what will be good to change is recents menu layout back to oreo style.

This all can be changed in AEX rom.

OR...will be possible to put these extensions into LOS?

thx 🙂


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3 hours ago, CornholioGSM said:

maybe it looks old but it is very practic.

No, absolutely not!
My favourite app was Softkeyz and SoftkeysFadeMod (still works, if you kill the systemUI after every start. I do this with a tasker shortcut)


In the last week I played a lot, to change the keys, but no app can do this like Softkeyz.
The current best solution for me is: Gravitybox

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13 minutes ago, EskeRahn said:

....I can not help the feeling that you might have put more time into developing software for the Pro1 since autumn than Idealte....


I needed a new personal ROM to run anyway.  AOKP has been dead for some time, unfortunately.  AICP seems to be the closest match out there.


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1 hour ago, tdm said:

Okay got AEX working... please test and I'll toss up a thread later.




EDIT: If you need a recovery to flash this with, my latest Lineage test recovery should work...



oki superr i will test it within few hours 🙂 thankssss

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19 minutes ago, CornholioGSM said:

Soo installed and booted...but i have madded something wrong becase i dont have gapps ...maybe bad switched slot 🙂

That is easy to fix, just boot into recovery, flash gapps, wipe, and go again.


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I must say that i HATE this A\B slot thing...i have flashed and installed hundreds phones and this is always little problematic.

Soo all is installed . After first boot i got some apps fc's...but after some reboots all works fine (it looks)    🙂


How about root? flash supersu magisk or... ?


EDIT...maybe something is different set on hwkb?...because sometime make button long press

EDIT2...maybe more battery drain compare to LOS...but i need few days for more tests

EDIT3...after test to play some wav sounds (for test to set it for notifications) whole sound on fx starts to be cracking and ugly....after reboot again fine

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