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Microphone Not Functioning During Calls

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Friday morning, I received a call, everything was normal. Friday evening, I got another call. I could hear the caller clearly, but they could not hear me. They called back, I put them on speakerphone, and we completed the call. Since then, the only way to take a call is on speakerphone. I've tried turing the device off and back on, which completely exhausts my technical expertise. Any pointers?

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On 11/22/2020 at 8:18 PM, internationaltraitor said:

any luck?  i know there was a thread on this somewhere, where they (easily) took the phone apart and blew out the dust from the microphone to get it working again. 

It hasn't worked since 13NOV. I was hoping it would straighten out, but it looks like I'll need to contact F(x)Tec, and get approval to take it apart. My first one drowned, so I took it almost entirely apart and reassembled it, so I'm optimistic I can get at the microphone.

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2 hours ago, ermghoti said:

Oops. Lies, it decided to work just now. might be intermittent, might be Verizon.

If Verizon is involved, you really can't go wrong blaming them.  😉


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To be fair, the first thing I tried after a reboot was to press on the exterior where the mike is, having heard some of the internals get loose. After re-reading, I opened the phone and massaged the base and screen separately. That may have been it, or it may have gotten tired of not working, or it may have just been crap reception.

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