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  1. pro1 x is shipping in march,, so expect it to come by september.
  2. yeah you might have to call your bank and tell them to remove the VCAS hold on your account for that transaction. its a visa block for international orders (sometimes)...
  3. since we were on the topic of backing up.... how can one backup a non root lineageos 17, so i can install this aicp os, and i can restore everything onto the new os? file transfer on sd card? or is there another method...?
  4. actually, this happens to me a lot on my nokia 6.1 ,,, the trick is you have to let it completely die .. don't charge it for few days and then connect the charger... but the standby time on the fxtec is like a good 10 days lol.... but maybe try this method? don't charge it for a few days and then connect the charger... even from different sources and cables?
  5. sounds like they're out to get you.
  6. any luck? i know there was a thread on this somewhere, where they (easily) took the phone apart and blew out the dust from the microphone to get it working again.
  7. at least you know it was returned to them.. if you wanted a model x... you will have to wait until march-april.. and with a second covid (covid-21) expect the model x to be next christmas... i would get your original phone shipped to you directly and asap.
  8. will post in a separate thread about how the phone screen looks... before and after.. but if i had the spare screen with assembly from fxtec, i would be more confident to change it myself.
  9. ehh i wouldn't mind the cost of course the right man for the job ! :))
  10. the states,, but i also would want it too lol... was just wondering if you can fix it and i will pay you for the parts and your time and send it back :)) i have an n9 too, that just stopped working,, that i bought earlier this year. made in finland. maybe its as simple as changing the battery.
  11. so basically,, its more de-googled.. or just as much. Sounds great! read the whole thread, will give this software a try.
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