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  1. so should i insert it into the phone first to format? or first into the testing program on windows.
  2. thank you, when i insert it into windows, to run the test, will windows give me an option to format to fat32 or should i let the phone format it first? i read on a few threads where the phone should format it first in order not to give the phone any problems in reading it.
  3. has anyone tried a 1tb sd card in the pro1? i just ordered mine. hopefully it works.
  4. if they can outdo librem and pinephone at their own game... fxtec will succeed among us "aware" people of category from the market.
  5. whatever this is,, it better have kill switches :)).... like the librem and the pinephone.... then, i would buy another 2 of these pro1's :))
  6. idk about you guys, but i tried a different block to charge my pro1 for two days. what i noticed between the stock block charger and a different block is charges much slower and doesn't over heat within 25 minutes. standby time is heavily reduced when using a different block. stock block seems like it can hold the charge more than a different charging block.
  7. I turn off my shutter sound on purpose. There are settings in open camera and the lineage stock camera to enable disable shutter sound. Maybe try fiddling with the settings on and off until it works. ?
  8. aurora store ? not sure if it works with sailfish,, always wanted sailfish but am in the States, hard to come across a sailfish device. or you can use whatsapp web, or whatsapp web2go from f-droid.
  9. a few people i've seen browsing these forums, got a replacement... whats up with your phone ?? 😄
  10. yes, i am also interested if there is some type of high quality glue that maybe, some repair technicians can recommend? and tips are greatly appreciated,, since there was one guy who explicitly stated there is no need for a heat gun , and now he's saying he definitely needed a heat gun. am very interested since i have to change my cracked screen... its not so bad,, maybe waiting until its fully cracked lol.😁
  11. i'm pretty sure if you place an order 45 days before christmas, you'll get it by this christmas 2020 for sure. i think they are going to ramp up the marketing and spread the word in 2021.. honestly, it is actually good for them to release the phone in 2021 and make a huge come back with an uproar. big success for FxTec for the year ahead, we're rooting for ya ! we want to see you succeed so we can buy parts and look forward to the Pro2 :))
  12. well, based on whats included, in the lower right hand side of the picture, there's some tape, adhesive. not sure what he used though... or what kind of glue FxTec used... would be nice a more quality glue.
  13. @VaZso how is your experience between the two displays, the original and the aliexpress elephone U ? i'm not talking about margin errors or ghost touches... but the overall feel, swipeness, color dispaly and all that other jazz. what else do you notice between the two?
  14. sorry, can i reflash the phone with my up to date lineage, with the same up to date lineage ? i want to completely wipe the phone ,, my battery life is unbearable after i got it back. do i just need to do the same exact steps in the lineageOS directions ?
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