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  1. i got an email saying, "We have finished processing your order." but no tracking id. is this normal? i'm in the usa.
  2. lol yeah that too. was thinking about that after i posted.. but still no grapheneOS?
  3. i think there is a workaround for that on verizon on this thread second and third page
  4. try different cables, blocks, and plugs, sources like computer or the car.
  5. i'm wondering if it is possible or if anyone tried it? or the only choices we have is LineageOS and community port of SailfishOS
  6. thats good to hear. never wanted android to have my fingerprint anyways. but, basically, my question is, is the wonderful community port ready for daily use? telephony, web, wifi, etc? i use another phone for android apps. i was never able to use sailfish, since they didn't sell to US. and the phone was kinda outdated when i did find one on ebay. I assuming the hdmi out to TV doesn't work? is that what the hdmi thing is about ?
  7. anything new with jolla in july ? i am looking forward to try jolla once i get the pro1 this month.
  8. question to those, and those in USA. from the time of the first email of allocation. to the second email of the shipping details and tracking number. how long did it take to arrive at your doorstep ?
  9. WooHoo. finally. after my nokia 6.1 kept turning off and on randomly, i decided to buy the Pro1 on august 31st. after waiting so long, and my nokia kept being garbage, i had to order a Nokia N9 off of ebay. Just few days ago, that phone wont turn on or charge. (maybe battery?) order number 341xx united states qwerty this hope of an assigned stock and ship date by friday gave me hope that this year might turn out better.
  10. dont know what camera2 is or open camera, dont like pixels, dont like sony sensors since theyre garbo,,, but it has dedicated camera button.. get the nokia9 2019 version or n9 2009 version if you want decent pics. pretty sure p1 will pass decently.
  11. ive bought mine,, and am planning to buy another... even though it is clear that they will offer spare parts, which kinda tells you there is no p2 coming anytime soon. if, at all.
  12. chen prolly has the hook up in china,,, thats how hes making this possible
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