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  1. @tdm I'd also be very happy if you'd find a solution to decrypt the data partition. Full description why here: Essentially the problem is that I want to get one file off from the data partition and I basically don't have root.
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  2. Sorry haven’t checked the forums of late. here is the fix: https://forums.ubports.com/topic/5699/libertine-container-manager-create-error-makedev
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  3. Perhaps a better way would be to make one common 'Index-thread' on important hints in the HowTo section, with links to the relevant threads/posts. And have that pinned, and UNpin the currently pinned ones, (like mine on ROMs) and have links to those instead. It would be important to find a good title so people actually open it! Perhaps something like Facts hub, Base for commmon questions, hints, issues and solutions or a similar broad (preferably shorter) title... But It would require someone to actively curate what should go there and what not. And perhaps it should be accompan
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  4. Maybe just link to a github wiki so everyone can contribute but link to the relevant pages from the index one and lock it.
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  5. (lineage-17.1-20210329-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on March 5 security patch installed smoothly using adb sideload and opengapps pico 20210327)
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  6. 'Ello. It's me again 😁 As per the title, is anyone else having issues updating Android System Webview? I'm using Aurora Store to install apps (using V3 and v4 together.) V3 keeps telling me there's an update for Webview but it won't install it at all. Webview is actually locked as disabled and can't be enabled at all. I know Google have phased out Webview in favour of Chrome, so why am I getting updates in Aurora Store V3, but not getting updates for it through Aurora Store v4?
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  7. Known issue, and not specific to the Pro-1. https://www.androidpolice.com/2021/03/23/surprise-app-crashes-are-plaguing-tons-of-android-users-heres-how-to-fix-them/
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  8. Unfortunately, that doesn't work either. Directly crashes back to lockscreen 😞 I am now trying to build Magisk containing a su command itself that's being run when Magisk starts, let's see how that goes.
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