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  1. Insular works well for me, it creates a work profile and the apps run there, with this all the banking apps are happy that otherwise complain.
  2. It used to work for me, but it stopped working a couple of weeks ago. I do the full offline, clear cache, reboot dance. But it looks like it's working for some of you with Lineage 18.1? Ahhh I see the problem. There's the safetynet API error in magisk, but in Google Play it shows "certified". That's good to know that Magisk is currently broken.
  3. Battery idle mode needs kernel support, does anybody know who the developer of Lineage OS for Pro1 is? I wanted to ask if there's any chance to support this πŸ™‚
  4. How long will there be updates for LOS 17.1? 18.1 still has a bunch of bugs for me, so I am considering a downgrade. But somewhere I read that LOS doesn't retrieve updates for old versions. Is there any policy on that?
  5. Does the Dialer app work for people in LOS 18.1? I am asking because I am now on my second fresh installation, and in both the standard dialer is not working – I can make outgoing calls but it doesn't show the caller interface as soon as I hit the call button. Incoming calls the same, except that I can't pick them up – the overlay is missing. Overall my impression is that all overlays are missing, I have an alarm clock that brings itself as an overlay in the foreground, but not on LOS 18.1. Also is anybody using ACC/Acca? The daemon keeps stopping constantly and I can't find a way to
  6. If I from now on only do the sideload thing, do I also need to take special care of Magisk? Or maybe the problem was just buggy 18.1?
  7. And looks like if you forget to do that, you brick your device? If I from now on only do the sideload thing, do I also need to take special care of Magisk?
  8. Great. I just used the "updater" from LOS and now my phone doesn't boot anymore. Ending in "Can't load Android system. Your data may be corrupt. Do a factory reset". So far pretty disappointed by LOS. But stock was horrible, too. Is there any ROM out there which is capable of painfree updating? I'm glad I made a backup of my data, but now I need to set up everything again, this sucks.
  9. Does anyone have experience with LOS Updates and Magisk? With stock it was a pain in the ass, that one had to install one OTA after the other and always remembering to flash Magisk again to the other slot (and if you miss it once it's bricked). How is that now with LOS+Magisk? There's the May 5th update, can I just install it and the next time there's magisk update I can just install it to the current slot? Or do I need to do the same stuff with the slots?
  10. Just tried a dirty flash from 17.1, but that resulted in a boot loop. Interestingly enough, just flashing 18.1 over also updated the recovery – strange?
  11. I was wondering about that, too. But from what I see it's not a good idea to do a dirty flash, because system apps might not be compatible.
  12. Announcement: https://www.xda-developers.com/lineageos-18-1/ Upgrade: https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/pro1/upgrade Get it here: https://download.lineageos.org/pro1
  13. Nice, that actually worked! So yeah, if your have previously magisk installed, just in the SplashActivity add a Shell.su("cp -r /data/misc/keystore/user_0").exec() comand, and then you get all the keys. Unfortunately, it didn't help afterall in my case because the UID_Signal key is missing. So I guess that's what happened on my device, somehow some keyfiles got deleted. Wtf -.-
  14. Unfortunately, that doesn't work either. Directly crashes back to lockscreen 😞 I am now trying to build Magisk containing a su command itself that's being run when Magisk starts, let's see how that goes.
  15. How does Magisk SU work, does it authorize based on signature/key or package name? If it were the latter I could just create an app with the right package name… (like the same I already have authorized)
  16. You're right, on the second page of the thread it's clear that this can't encrypt /data so useless. I am able to start (via adb) Tasker and TitaniumBackup. Unfortunately none of them allow configuration via adb/they have their configuration not in a public writeable location. I hoped I could adb backup termux, change the user data to have a command that runs on startup, win. But the backup command requires an ok on the screen *sigh* I wish someone would have left a hole for me πŸ˜„ Like a tasker or termux addon that allows to execute something or change the config and thus make it
  17. @tdm I'd also be very happy if you'd find a solution to decrypt the data partition. Full description why here: Essentially the problem is that I want to get one file off from the data partition and I basically don't have root.
  18. Can I install/flash TWRP without losing my data? Then I could make a nandroid backup there, or it seems it's possible to encrypt the disk via that?
  19. Just had the idea to run logcat (why didn't I come up with that earlier?^^), and there are a bunch of exceptions in there:
  20. For a brief second the following toast error message appears, does that give a hint for the problem? An error occurred: java.lang.SecurityException: Permission Denial: reading com.android.providers.media.MediaProvider uri content://media/external/file from pid=6390, uid=10167 requires android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, or grantUriPermission() I tried to quickly run top, but couldn't find that PID.
  21. Just had trouble finding the safemode again, wanted to test it again with bloatware removed, so it's poweroff + longtap on poweroff. But no, still nothing :(((
  22. `adb root` β†’ `adbd cannot run as root in production builds` `adb shell su` β†’ `Permission denied` I disabled/uninstalled everything I could, but still not working. The two main ways I see 1) get Signal to run, 2) get one command being run as `su` (even temporary root is fine)
  23. Okay, I will continue this. It is strange because many apps are running, just Signal doesn't want to run. I was able to install https://wiki.termux.com/wiki/Termux:Boot but I have the problem without root I can't access `~/.termux/boot/` so I can't place something there that would be executed elevated. Just anything that would allow me to run a command with su rights would be enough, then I could do https://community.signalusers.org/t/wiki-howto-manual-backup-restore-if-full-backup-does-not-work/2462 where I need to copy one file from a place to a user-readible location. I can even s
  24. Thank you, good idea, but unfortunately this didn't change anything. Removed the tray. My highest hopes are with flashing, but my problem is that I don't understand what I am destroying when flashing.
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