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  1. Ah dang, I read this thread here and didn't find that part which said that the apk+firmware files don't work with current ROMs. Okay, as I don't want to reflash, I'll have a look if I can make the screen output smaller.
  2. Could someone please attach the magic APK to fix the insensitive edges?
  3. Oh wow, Thank you so much Rob! I would have continued searching for hours. You made my day. Happy Easter! 😄
  4. I ordered this: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/32956500815.html and it works perfectly. Arrived within 10 days, I found it challenging to remove the old display, because it was broken and the glue on the top edge was so sticky that the display tore apart – and I needed a cutter to remove the remaining glass and glue. Other difficulty: I received 4 glue stripes to attach the new display, and I put two at both sides first – and that didn't work at all. Somehow most of the display actually does not touch the underlying case. It's holding well with two stripes at the bottom and the top but nothing
  5. I am joining the ghost touch club. I don't expect anything from Fxtec, so: What's the best replacement screen to get? The "official" the Fxtec support links: https://aliexpress.com/item/1005001300088859.html Or the cheap Elefone U: https://aliexpress.com/item/32956500815.html (What's the difference between Elephone U and Elephone U Pro?) I have read in this thread that there might be hints, that it's not a display but a connection problem. Is there anything I can try before ordering the display?
  6. Okay, I found the problem, if I press one of the cables tightly in it works, but when I move it a little bit it stops working. So it's a problem of the USB-C port of the phone. Can I change the port by myself?
  7. Status 1 day ago: Phone is able to connect to two different computers (both with Windows and Linux), and three different dables, USB debugging working, phone shows that it's connected to a computer Now: Restarted PCs and phone multiple times, but the phone does not show anymore that it's connected to a computer, also USB debugging not working. On no combination of cables, computers and OSs. But it's charging. Does anybody have any idea?
  8. Just came here to see if someone else is having these charging issues. So yeah, looks like I am not alone – I have exactly the same thing. It started happening last year in December. So I guess it's a software issue?
  9. Two things that annoy me with LOS 18.1: 1) there's no way to turn off notifications turning on the display (it should exist, but the option does not exist for me, maybe I need to update), 2) I'd like to customize number of rows and columns on the home screen (I know I can use a different launcher, but would prefer the built-in one)
  10. @Rob. S.I am on LOS 18 rooted. As the timings were different, and everything else the same, it's unlikely the same cause. AccA didn't work for 3 months, continued not to work while using a working chargie. After a couple of weeks with chargie not working I tested the latest acca version (which had been updated meanwhile) and now no issues with acca anymore.
  11. I am interested to hear from you which experiences you made in comparison with both. Especially, I am curious if the updating works in AICP. I have only used Lineage OS so far, and I tried a few times to upgrade the ROM with the internal upgrader, and afterwards the phone didn't boot anymore (I have Magisk root, and disk encrypted, that seems to be a problematic combination). Does this work with AICP?
  12. I've ordered a Chargie a couple of months ago, because I had problems with AccA (if you're root that's the best battery control app). At first it worked great, but after a week I had regularly all kinds of problems: The app not connecting with the chargie, chargie not stopping to charge (so battery was always at 100), or chargie not charging (so the battery drained). Overall I am fairly disappointed with chargie, and I am glad that with an update of AccA/acc it works again. Also chargie claims they could work without the app, but I never managed to get this to run.
  13. Insular works well for me, it creates a work profile and the apps run there, with this all the banking apps are happy that otherwise complain.
  14. It used to work for me, but it stopped working a couple of weeks ago. I do the full offline, clear cache, reboot dance. But it looks like it's working for some of you with Lineage 18.1? Ahhh I see the problem. There's the safetynet API error in magisk, but in Google Play it shows "certified". That's good to know that Magisk is currently broken.
  15. Battery idle mode needs kernel support, does anybody know who the developer of Lineage OS for Pro1 is? I wanted to ask if there's any chance to support this 🙂
  16. How long will there be updates for LOS 17.1? 18.1 still has a bunch of bugs for me, so I am considering a downgrade. But somewhere I read that LOS doesn't retrieve updates for old versions. Is there any policy on that?
  17. Does the Dialer app work for people in LOS 18.1? I am asking because I am now on my second fresh installation, and in both the standard dialer is not working – I can make outgoing calls but it doesn't show the caller interface as soon as I hit the call button. Incoming calls the same, except that I can't pick them up – the overlay is missing. Overall my impression is that all overlays are missing, I have an alarm clock that brings itself as an overlay in the foreground, but not on LOS 18.1. Also is anybody using ACC/Acca? The daemon keeps stopping constantly and I can't find a way to
  18. If I from now on only do the sideload thing, do I also need to take special care of Magisk? Or maybe the problem was just buggy 18.1?
  19. And looks like if you forget to do that, you brick your device? If I from now on only do the sideload thing, do I also need to take special care of Magisk?
  20. Great. I just used the "updater" from LOS and now my phone doesn't boot anymore. Ending in "Can't load Android system. Your data may be corrupt. Do a factory reset". So far pretty disappointed by LOS. But stock was horrible, too. Is there any ROM out there which is capable of painfree updating? I'm glad I made a backup of my data, but now I need to set up everything again, this sucks.
  21. Does anyone have experience with LOS Updates and Magisk? With stock it was a pain in the ass, that one had to install one OTA after the other and always remembering to flash Magisk again to the other slot (and if you miss it once it's bricked). How is that now with LOS+Magisk? There's the May 5th update, can I just install it and the next time there's magisk update I can just install it to the current slot? Or do I need to do the same stuff with the slots?
  22. Just tried a dirty flash from 17.1, but that resulted in a boot loop. Interestingly enough, just flashing 18.1 over also updated the recovery – strange?
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