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  1. hi new update phone comed but after turn on microphone and speaker not working. I had new parts but phone not working maybe was repair team bad composed new parts i do not know... so I wrote on support and already had quickly answer and they send me new parts flex cabel and usb part. After change this parts phone working. So little with problem but on finish with good solution for me... thanks
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  2. So i have been daily driving this unihertz titan slim for a couple days now i have to say its a nifty little device and more or less it functions good in about every single way however the screen realy is small and the keyboard is a realy weird layout if the pro x ever shows up i probably be switching to that for daily driving just because of the screen if only they had made the keyboard the same as BB having said that , the remote controll function of the unihertz is a absolute killer i have quickly removed all my remote controlls out of my home and replaced it with the unih
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  3. Order from September 2019. Should be a qwertz layout. That is what support said about it:
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  4. Just for the record, there are IR transmitter addons for android devices which don't have their own IR blaster: https://www.irdroid.com https://irdroid.eu
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  5. +1 Having the same issue. Initial setup cannot finish with "communication error" message.
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  8. You'r getting a Phone, not a rub down.
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  9. Regarding Ubuntu Touch as a phone, perhaps I can further specify that I do not expect to replace my existing phone, but instead to add to it. UT seems to me like a "linux tablet that also has a phone" experience. I'll customize it and see how it goes. I expect the Pro1X to be fun rather than utilitarian, and fun for me means experiments and breakage that won't fly for a primary communications device for someone with children.
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  10. FYI, I have imported the Pro1 FinQwerty v1.5.1 key character maps (kcm files) into my LineageOS builds. If there are other kcm files that people have worked out for the Pro1, I'd be happy to add them as well. The current FinQwerty maps add support for Czech, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish, as well as the alternate German mapping. For reference, you can find the patches required to add additional kcm files to a device build here: https://github.com/mccreary/android_device_fxtec_pro1/commits/lineage-16.0/AsantiKeypad The last of the three is not necessary for the stock Pr
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  11. Hi all, my spouse received their Pro1X today (stock ROM). The build quality seems excellent, and they're super pumped about the keyboard and excited to make it their primary device. However, they immediately ran into an issue: they can't log into their Google account, either during first-boot or afterwards. Wi-Fi connects and we can load web sites in Chrome, but the Google login flow gives them the old "there was a problem communicating with google's servers" error. We tried a few different ways of adding the account, did a factory reset, and even Google's "DisplayUnlockCaptcha" tool. Any
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