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  1. I got used to a certain mechanic that worked very well for me with Nokias Anna/Belle system on my E7. "Sticky" modifier key - for example : I'd like to press Shift first and then a letter to make it capital. Same with the diacritics - first "Alt" (or whatever, the up arrow button) and then the letter. Does any know if it's possible to replicate it in Android? I'm currently using FinQwerty to support my language for physical keyboard if it makes any difference.
  2. Huh. That's a tough question 😄 From my experience so far LTE is working pretty good so far.
  3. Replaced with Lawnchair 12, I remember it asked once about whether I should allow the old launcher to run, declined. No problems since.
  4. My E7 is currently 12 years old and its hinge mechanism, which I use a lot, works flawlessly. There are zero signs of anything wearing out - nothing is loose or rattly.
  5. That is not a preinstalled app. Installed stock Android is as vanilla as it can be 😄
  6. No, not really. LTE is considered 4G. HSDPA and HSUPA were considered 3.5G technology.
  7. No - it makes weird popping noises, and when I set the audio really loud (like a YT video, put the volume to the max) it works, pretty much. It's weird. I've managed to power off and power on my phone (not restart) and the effect was gone - ONCE. Worked for a while, then after some time (I can't tell what have I been doing exactly) it started behaving like this again.
  8. Welp, I have the same issue with the lower speaker. You're still on stock Android?
  9. OK this is weird. Doesn't seem to be affected by any of the comms I enable or disable. The lower speaker starts working when there's something loud playing. When it's silent, like if I put the YT on lower wolume or a ringtone/notification sound is quiet it only just does this popping sound. 😐 Damn it. Brand new phone.
  10. OK, first issue, maybe I'll create a new thread for it - the lower speaker is breaking up and making rythmic static pop noises 😐 I wasn't doing it at the very beginning I think I would notice. 😕
  11. Huh, guess that depends on a country. My courier did not want any money from me, but that happened before with Fedex. They don't collect cash for taxes directly, they usually send me an invoice after the delivery (with post, not with Fedex 😛 ).
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