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  1. Thing is the pro1x was also advertised with 12+5, it still is on the campaign page. Was only changed later and announced through updates.
  2. That was because of the change of SoC that was needed and announced back in 2021 IIRC
  3. Well wireless display is broken in lineage for the pro1x (so here too) and there's no HDMI out, so... nothing I can test. Guess I got too excited when I saw and missed the "coming" but yeah, maybe one day.
  4. Installed it but don't really see much difference from lineage itself...
  5. Cool, an inbetween droidian and lineage sounds kinda like what i'd like... flashing now
  6. Yeah service keeps crashing too here
  7. Decided to try lineage, turns out UT installer didn't work because I had the adb driver but not the bootloader one, SDIO found a Panasonic driver that was compatible and works, here's a copy here. https://fileshare.kilrah.xyz/s/U0NjYwM
  8. Only command you showed was adb, so no. Instructions are here: https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/pro1x/ Skip the unlocking bootloader page as it's already done, and any adb commands until after recovery flashing since you're already in bootloader.
  9. Adb doesn't run in bootloader. Sounds like it just the tools can be unreliable on Windows. Supposed to work but sometimes just doesn't.
  10. adb won't work in bootloader, only fastboot. It's known to be finicky on Windows, I had to use a linux machine to flash ubuntu touch.
  11. https://adb.clockworkmod.com/ As mentioned you must accept the terms (doesn't matter, you're offline anyway...) to continue. Then you're asked for login that you can skip.
  12. The driver is on the Google page you linked yourself. Enter bootloader as described here
  13. Android USB driver is generic, no need for a specific one. https://androidmtk.com/download-minimal-adb-and-fastboot-tool Just boot in bootloader manually, hold volume down while powering up. Nothing different from any other android phone really.
  14. I did back up using the edl method but yeah it's likely pointless anyway. Bootloader is unlocked by default and there is a recovery but it's not able to do adb.
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