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  1. 37 minutes ago, zundappchef said:

    True true , because this time i was within the first 50 to order i have the option to get it in august if i pay for expedited shipping 

    maybe for FX tec's next phone , they should team up with unihertz 
    FX designs the phone and outsource Unihertz for production , updates and PR

    would be great if the niche products could find ways to help each other, as they target different parts of the small keyboard segment. But the big question is if the visions are compatible?

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  2. 1 hour ago, pebert said:

    I'm planning to cast key caps in transparent acrylic or epoxy resin, paint them black on the top and then laser etch the new characters on them.

    The big question here is if you can get the key-tops free of the elastic plate? The current is some combination of an elastic mat, and some harder material on top, that is then painted white (and for some keys a colured square top right, and finally the black layer of paint.

    And this combined plate can be freed by heat.

    I have no knowledge wether the tops can be separated by heat, Though I intuitively doubt it... So you might need to 3D-print the elastic base plate as well in e.g TPU

    On my spacebar the black is wearing off, all other keys are (still) intact. So the timing of soon getting a Pro1X could not have been much better. *LOL*

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  3. 2 hours ago, CornholioGSM said:

    ...i am on last los too...but i have uninstalled audiofx and installed viper4android. Both speakers are working if v4a is enabled or not.


    Killing AudioFx dos not do the trick here by it self.
    Disabling AudioFx and restarting, does not change anything either. (*)

    So it must be viper that does 'something' on yours.... (have not installed it)

    ADB shell pm disable-user org.lineageos.audiofx
    ADB shell am force-stop   org.lineageos.audiofx
    ADB shell pm clear        org.lineageos.audiofx

    And after that did not work reenabled it with
    ADB shell pm enable org.lineageos.audiofx

  4. 5 hours ago, DieBruine said:

    And just now I noticed my left speaker not working. But I find it hard to believe this is a sympton of Los 19.1. Still, if anyone could test it just to be sure. I went straight to 19.1 when I received the phone...

    I can confirm, only the speaker near the usb-plug is active with LOS 19 on the Pro1.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Hook said:

    This is a known issue, though I think most of the discussion has taken place in the Lineage 18.1 thread and in the Lineage room on the unofficial FxTec Discord.  No one seems to have quite figured out what brings this one in terms of reliable steps to recreate. I certainly haven't, though it does happen to me, just not often and not predictably. Then again, I haven't kept up with all the postings, maybe others know more.

    I have tried rigoursly to find a stable way to trigger it, without any luck. The bug is common for Lineage 18 and 19 as well as AICP R

    Unfortunately we do not have an Android 11 for the Pro1, so we can not tell if the bug is in Lineage or deeper.

    When the bug kicks in, the phone DO draw power from the charger, but only to sustain what ever the phone is doing, not to charge it, so the battery percentage remains at a (roughly) constant level for hours.

    There seem to be some system to prevent over-charging a constantly connected phone, my personal theory is that it is this system, that is erroneously allowed to kick in way to early. I have seen the phenomena below 20%...

    (we have had discussion on this bug earlier in this thread - starting at page 1.....)

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  6. 21 minutes ago, toast said:

    The thing is that any company interested in keeping its customers does not do this, especially not without explicitly asking the customer in question first.

    Moving more into the guessing land, you must remember that they can not get a new Pro1, and that they (from what I seen users report in here) early on was unusually kind in just replacing phones on various errors. So they are likely to have a number of devices with some deffect they can potentially refurbish with a combination of new parts they can get, or used parts.

    But indeed doing so, the resulting devices ought to be thoroughly tested before sent as replacements.

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  7. 31 minutes ago, toast said:

    @F(x)tec, please step up your game and atleast keep track of phones sent in for service, dont just throw them all into one and the same drawer and pick one up at random when time comes to return it...

    It does indeed sound odd. But guessing here it just MIGHT be that they have combined parts of multiple devices deemed dead-beyond-repair to create a replacement unit. But it certainly does not sound good that it then comes back with keys not working correctly.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Hook said:

    This is a company that cares.

    Indeed. I met them at the London event before all the Corona mess. And it was quite obvious that these are really good guys, and kind too. If you could blame them for anything it would be for being overoptimistic, and that communication isn't their strong side. But they undoubtedly really tries to go an extra mile to bring keyboard phones back.
    I'm amazed to see their stamina! Had it been me, I would have folded after the swindle, but oh no, they 'just' went for reinventing the whole inner part once more!!

    And Chen's handling of the Moto-Mod project that failed due to Motorola, was also awesome. A lot of money already used, and I guess the most optimistic we could hope for was to share anything left proportionally, but oh no, he went an extra mile and offered us all either a voucher for the Pro1, or all our money back, for us to choose! Now how is that for a way beyond decent way to handle things!! These guys are amazing, can not say it often enough!

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  9. On 6/7/2022 at 10:22 AM, EskeRahn said:

    Note that they have now purged the oldest of the four releases with 18.1, so expect them all to be gone within weeks. So IF you are interested in 18.1, then make sure to pull a copy ASAP....

    (They did the same with 17 after 18 was released)

    Last chance.... One left, that is likely to be gone in a day or two....

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  10. 41 minutes ago, Doktor Oswaldo said:

    After typing on a keyboard phone again for a while, I can just feel again how awkward touchscreens are to type. I do not type enough to get really fast but I do type on it!
    On the touchscreen I often wait until I am at a computer before I reply.

    Indeed, touchscreens are just fine for replies like "OK", "Thanks" or "See you". And works tolerable for most web-addresses too. But a longer reply.... nah...

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  11. 46 minutes ago, netman said:

    You're a beast! I'm still stuck at 50WPM but I have been out of the game for a bit due to a dislocated thumb 😬 (no worries, it's fully recovered by now). For me what i'd call a "leasurely" pace would be 40-45WPM which I'm sure people can do on a touchscreen, but for me it's not even so much about speed, it's just way less frustrating and harsh on the fingers when there's some feedback rather than just hammering my thumbs on a pane of glass.

    Add to that not having to look concentrated at the keyboard during typing, to keep touches inside the dedicated 'key' areas.....

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