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  1. 18 minutes ago, david said:

    That doesn't seem to work.  Does it work on your Pro1X?

    Never tried YouTube on the Pro1X so had to enable it first, the apps does not seem to work that well, so did not try different keyboard-drivers, just killed the app...

    But launching Yotube in FF  it does respect Esc to exit full screen mode - so just a poor aspect of the app I guess,

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  2. 6 hours ago, jangorecki said:

    ....rooted. Or at least is being detected as such by some apps.

    In Denmark we have a horrible poorly written app, that everyone(!) is sort of forced to use: MitId (that is translated: My Id), and this app completely randomly claims that your device is rooted, and refuses to work, and you have to start all over with reinstall (or at the least wipe all the apps data) and verify yourself with your passport and photos to reinitialize it (Takes at the least five minutes each time), and it might work a few times until it again claims the device is rooted... Utterly useless app, that currently has a rating of 1.5/5!!!! And yet it is mandatory - hence over a million downloads... A true scandalous app....

    You need this app to a lot of stuff e.g. to perform online payments with Visa.

    This app works infinitesimally less bad on Pro1X than Pro1, though practically useless on any device, and you need to carry your passport to be able to reinitialize it, when you need it (Just as bad on Iphones, also 1.5/5)

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  3. 8 hours ago, david said:

    I don't know how well the signal could be received through the Pro1 case, however.

    You will need to put the coil on the outside of the Pro1, as the metal back will not let the signal through, but if you mean a shell case for the Pro1, it should not block the field with normal materials. I do not know how much effect will be lost by heat generated by electric current induced in the back-plate, But apart from the coils themselves you will have an extra heat source. So though possible, it is unlikely to be recommendable, unless done for slow charging with low current chargers, say 0.5A, and preferably with the phone vertical, to have simple conductive air flow help dispersing some of the heat. Remember that about the worst you can do for Lithium batteries is charging them when above about 30°C

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  4. This is awesome news! David. Tanks.
    The big question is what connector the Pro1X uses, as they say the batteries are incompatible - but that might be the physical shape or the position of the connector, not the connector it self.

    We really need something to fairly easy charge the Pro1X, unless they by firmware can fix that the Pro1X does not shut down in time, but can deplete it self.

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  5. 1 hour ago, david said:

    So you are saying they sold out their strongest supporters in favor of the masses?  😁


    I fear that the current phones Pro1/Pro1X/Astro might be the last one we will see with a real keyboard in the right direction.

    And just hope they will survive until we see some totally new way of communication with the devices.
    Maybe some fancy smart-watch like device that can sense the signals sent to the fingers, so we can just type on a table or any other surface,,,, I think there still is a long way to devices we can communicate with directly by thought.

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  6. 4 hours ago, david said:

    I was probably one of those who complained about the shifted layout of the pro1, because it required my brain and thumbs to be rewired vs my previous phone keyboard.  But I have to believe a lot of pro1x buyers were pro1 owners.  At that point, I wouldn't have switched the keyboard layout, because people are already used to the old layout. 

    Maybe there are fewer touch typers out there than i thought.  If people are looking at the keys and typing slow, then it probably wouldn't bother them.  It is what it is, but it is going to take some time for my brain to switch, and I won't be able to go back and forth between the two phones.  This may be a moot point if I can't find another usb pcb board for the pro1, though.  And really a moot point (down the line) if fxtec doesn't end up stocking parts for the pro1x.  One of the big selling points of these phones was the belief we would be able to get replacement parts on into the future.  That doesn't seem to have ended up being reality.

    Remember that the Pro1X was not originally planned as a new phone, but was planed to sell more Pro1s slightly upgraded to new customers. I bet only the most hardcore Pro1 users would shell out for the Pro1X, just to get a little extra ram  and more storage - things turned out differently so the Pro1X was suddenly viable as an upgrade to newer (though less powerful) chipset.

    I haven;t got the numbers but would be surprised if the original Pro1X orders had 100 Pro1 users... (Though I and some of the frequent commenters in here did order both)

  7. 1 hour ago, Rob. S. said:

    Some who would normally have preferred QWERTY over QWERTZ even chose QWERTZ because of it

    I for one. I tried to fight hard against the shifted layout early on, but unfortunately the Pro1 had it...
    One mayor issue with the shifted qwerty is that many languages usually got letters right of L and P, and this becomes a mess of awkward positions with the shifted.

    If you are using A-Z only the shift is just a bad idea, not a nuisance in daily usage.

    But quite a bit on it here: https://eskerahn.dk/?p=3556#ShiftedOrNot

    So glad to see that they fixed it for the Pro1X

  8. 2 hours ago, david said:

    Does anyone have a links to sources for replacement screens/frames?  I clicked on many listed in previous messages and each showed the parts unavailable.


    Screens are fairly easy to find on Aliexpress, just search foe Elephone U Pro, that uses the same screen. The frame is specific for FxTec, but as far as i know they only sell it as a unit with the display.

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  9. 8 hours ago, Rob. S. said:

    The Pro1 had a tendency to fail with moist fingers, the Pro1X has a tendency to fail with dry fingers, which affects me more. Also, somehow it behaves as if the stored fingerprint data would somehow deteriorate, and the success rate of fingerprint recognition becomes lower and lower, until I re-train it.

    These are interesting observations. I have never seen this with neither the Pro1 nor the Pro1X. But at 60 I guess that my fingers are quite 'fixed' as-is. I have not 'retrained' the Pro1 since experiments in 2019.

    (I have the bug that the fingerprint reader sort of stops working on the Pro1, and needs a restart to work - it could be anywhere between a month and the same day, and I struggle to see any pattern in triggering it. MAYBE it is picking it up and attempting unlocking while it still is vibrating with incoming sms. And initially I tried retraining and al kinds of tricks, but for years I just accepted it)

  10. 6 hours ago, david said:

    I read something about some not working if the battery drained when in the box.  Is this due to that default setting, like on the pro1, where it won't charge when off (craziest setting I've ever heard of)?

    Well that is part of it, yes. But as other have said in a thread on the battery issue, it should have some protection-mechanism doing an auto-shutdown, before it gets so discharged, that it can not be charged.

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  11. 5 hours ago, david said:

    I have a Pro1X, but haven't taken it out of the box yet.  I've been using the regular Pro1 for a few years.  

    Does the above mean that the Pro1X doesn't work on T-Mobile?

    There are different aspects of this. In principle the Pro1X and Pro1 ought to work roughly equally well/bad. But that unfortunately is not the case all see.

    First of there are the general issue on what bands TMo uses, versus what the Pro1(x) is supposed to support. And also what the carriers allow into their networks in the US.

    That long story (that are more general) put aside, quite a number have reported network issues on the Pro1x also where the Pro1 works. But AFAIK, there are no conclusion on why it work for some, and for others not. We are not even sure f it is bound to specimens of the Pro1x, or particular combinations of available cell towers, or specific hardware at these.

    My personal theory is that it has to do with band switching. That it under some conditions tries to change to a different band but fails to actually do it, and at best jumps back, after a drop-out in the communication. But I emphasize it is just my theory deduced from the various reports in here, and could be completely wrong,

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  12. I'm almost certain that it is NOT the same, as it is placed further from the back on the Pro1X. The port it self could be the same, but would be surprised if the pcb is.

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  13. On 5/23/2023 at 8:50 AM, brunoais said:

    Edit: I've been only charging the battery up to 90%. I wonder if it's needing recalibration

    It is always a good idea to occasionally charge it fully, and also (almost) deplete it, for calibration purposes.
    As the Pro1X seem to have a bug, where you can not have it charging while off, we should be careful NOT to discharge it completely though. (The Pro1 we can enable charging while off, look for "fastboot oem off-mode-charge")

  14. 4 hours ago, brunoais said:

    My Pro¹-X battery lasts ~1.5 days, even if in flight mode all day.

    This sounds a bit low, how many hours of screen on does that include?

    If not many hours of screen time a day, you might want to install some helper program (e.g. GSAM or 3C toolbox) to find out where the energy are wasted. Could well be an app that is the culprit. When idle it should burn less than 0.5% per hour. On the other hand with screen on, it can be 10%/hour and even worse if doing something hard.

    Especially be aware of 'free' apps, the ad's can waste a surprisingly large amount of battery, and thus be a double nuisance....

    Some of the apps calling home to deliver the data they stole, could also be poorly coded so they waste battery retrying in vain to get connection, when in aeroplane mode.

    I generally recommend to walk through the entire list of apps including those displayed selecting "show system", and for each consider if they a) should be allowed to use network in the background (most apps should NOT do this, except apps like mail). And also under battery, consider if they should be allowed to run or be frozen when not in the foreground. MOST apps should freeze, again with stuff like mail as an exception.

    And obviously uninstall or disable the stuff you do not use... Though less needed than on earlier Greenify is still your friend in killing some of the stuff that like weed is hard to keep down.

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  15. On 5/20/2023 at 5:16 PM, Adrienspawn said:

    Something like this at 3.85V at 3400mah (13/09Wh) for perhaps

    It is great that you do the effort in hunting down replacements, would be so great to know that there is an option, even if the capacity is a bit lower than what we got.

  16. ...A totally different question is if it is wise to do so.

    AFAIK It is not a two-way thing, and should not require location to be turned on. It is the matter of the carrier broadcasting a message over the cell towers covering an affected area. And HOPEFULLY it is needed so rarely that you are unlikely to know if it is on or off.

    In DK they have started using this with yearly testing, with a nasty ear-wrecking sound, so this year I made sure all my phones were off,,, during the test...

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