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  1. Well as it is not all that are hit by these severe issues, they elsewhere even asked for info on it as they say they can not reproduce it in their tests in the UK. So most likely this means that it depends on the bands or even specific carrier hardware, if we are hit by the bug or not. So for those not affected, a case is indeed relevant.
  2. It is quite easy to cut an additional hole for the camera, if the ease of use outweigh the need of protecting the lenses - to each their own. The best to use for round holes to look nice is to use a pipe of suitable size, like for making holes in leather. Do it from the front side to make the edges of the holes bend in nicely. The straight edges should be done with a chisel. A Stanley-knife can do, but is hard to control.
  3. Yup. But as I do not use the camera that often, I see it as an added benefit that the camera is protected when closed....
  4. The flap goes under the screen when opened. In portrait I open the flap like e.g. a Manga or a Quran. So the button are protected when the flap is closed. BUT that means that you will either have to make a hole for the camera OR fold the flap all the way over for taking a photo. I keep the inner shell of a P20 pro flipcase with the camerahole at the top, bt remove the whole flap, so it is glued on the other way. Let me do a few photos, just a sec.... Add: And yes, some of the cases i got are made with more care than other - this one so sloppy that I eve
  5. Yes and that could well indicate that it is not just a 100% generic one. 😉
  6. Exactly. for an example, i made a slo-mo video that I put here: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2681-how-to-openshut-the-pro1pro1x/?tab=comments#comment-42061 Note that flip-cases come in several variants, of the simple one with a magnetic clasp, there are two. The one in the OP with a long 'latch', and the one with two short latches that meet at the side (like in the video)
  7. The pictures in this kind of listings are usually generic with 'some' phones, the last looks like an Iphone e.g. But what they actually sell could fit well.
  8. Just checked... Would have bought one, but the interest have been so massive that they sold out.... 😁
  9. Flip cases works just fine, see e.g. https://eskerahn.dk/?p=3620 on how to modify cases yourself and exampless with flip cases
  10. Be aware that there is a physical difference between the Pro1 and Pro1X that matters for cases. The USB is rather close to the back on the Pro1, but they lifted it a bit on the Pro1X, making more plugs work (e.g. round magnetic power-plugs) But this means that the case design can only serve both if leaving a rather large hole for the USB.
  11. There is a difference between "Enter Fastboot" and "Reboot to boatloader". I'm pretty sure you want the second
  12. Ah you youngsters. started before there was dos. 1KB memory + plug to a TV and a tape recorder. (ZX81) A few years later I had the first PC with not one but TWO floppy drives so I could have source on one, compile to another, swap the first, and link the object-code back to the first drive. Later that was upgraded with what I saw as an almost infinite big harddisk - it was a whooping 10Mb 🤣👴 👴
  13. as I have not have found the time to install something else on the unit, I fetched and installed 20230118. Same issues as earlier. (including finite boot loop, still reverted to Android 11, and despite changelog claims otherwise still old security stamp)
  14. (lineage-20.0-20230123-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on January 5 security patch installed smoothly using adb sideload and MindTheGapps-13.0.0-arm64-20221025_100653)
  15. Thanks for the info, perhaps I should have guessed from the name that it was a fishy political stunt.
  16. Just saw this on a new allegedly very clean AOSP fork BharOS. Would be interesting, if some of the hardware related stuff made for LineeageOS for Pro1/Pro1X could be reused.... So we could have that too - I bet that at the least some of the old Blackberry users would be highly interested. EDIT: See below, most likely merely political stunt...
  17. A few has, but it is not a fast process, see the IGG update a few comments above (merged you post in here)
  18. It was about half a year between we saw the first unofficial v16 for the Pro1 to an officially released 16.0. I have no idea if that is representative or not. I hope that at the least some logic (e.g. around the keyboard) can be reused from the Pro1, and thus simplifying the development.
  19. (lineage-20.0-20230116-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on January 5 security patch installed smoothly using adb sideload and MindTheGapps-13.0.0-arm64-20221025_100653)
  20. Lineage usually do not publish images at early stages, as I understand it.
  21. Good news that alternative OS development are still progressing. I had feared it was stalled awaiting the stock fixes.
  22. Indeed frustration. The newest we know is this, that @Scoopy quoted on IGG
  23. Please note that drivers also matters. It is a puzzle really to get things working, we have other threads on it in here...
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