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  1. Been over 2 weeks, would like an official update.
  2. Waited this long, I can keep waiting. I would wager it's in the company's best interests to pump these out as fast as they can and fulfill the demand.
  3. That doesn't mean anything. Right now pro1 prices are in a bubble mainly because of supply issues. Once all orders have been filled and it's not difficult to get one, prices for this phone will come down. I hope to pick one up used for a reasonable price when the dust settles.
  4. Wonder how many preorders they have left or when they anticipate being open for general availability...
  5. With everything going on in the world right now, probably not a good idea to sticky this thread to the top of the forum... Feel free to bring it back when things settle down, but just a suggestion
  6. Two weeks out from last update, I think it's time for a new one. I hope they're taking other measures to ensure supply line continues to operate. Banking on one factory to reopen is risky and frankly shortsighted
  7. Already gone. Damn that went so fast. Whoever bought the phone got a smoking deal... Sorry the phone didn't work out for you OP.
  8. I would wager any exposure is good exposure so they should really try to sell as many devices as they can
  9. Assuming they can't retool the existing hardware, one of two things may happen over the coming months. They might drop the price on the pro1 - massive middle finger to the early adopters, but it will improve sales They will announce a new device - but given the track record for releasing, I'm unsure of how successful this would be. I would probably recommend the first option, but I'm not at the helm
  10. I wish they would post these emails in the update thread. I haven't been getting these emails for a while now
  11. Then post an update saying we have no new information. Radio silence sucks for the people who are intently following your project.
  12. That's very unfortunate. If you're the same person, I loved your work on the Relay 4G
  13. Competitor leaving the market is bad no matter what. You may not like the designs, lack of root, OS or whatever, but fact is it's one less option for people who want a keyboard. I was debating hard about getting a Priv when it came out a while back but the price was so high. I would've made soany compromises to get it too, but it was the only semi modern option for a keyboard phone
  14. Can't predict when the factory will open but can you approximate how long it will take to complete the next batch? Also wondering what general availability will look like? Will local warehouses have the phone ready to ship or will the phone be on a made to order basis?
  15. If the company stands behind their product, I wouldn't see that as an issue. Especially considering how new the phone is and early on in the life cycle
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