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  1. I would contend software optimization will matter more than outright processor power - at least for actual use scenarios. I hope that gap is filled. But we've hoped a lot since this started Also, @fxtec STOP giving time estimates. Just do periodic updates.
  2. Lying to customers is a terrible business strategy. Regardless I've said more than enough... I genuinely applaud anyone who is still waiting for a phone because you're supporting the idea and keep the company alive. I don't have the patience for that.
  3. They had months of delays even before covid hit.
  4. I don't understand their fascination with over promising and under delivering - repeatedly. You would think they learn from mistakes...
  5. Until we have reliable data showing phones are getting delivered in the timeframe they themselves are saying, I won't be placing a new order. I cancelled my preorder November 2019, 4 months in after multiple delays. Brilliant phone or not I don't like my money being borrowed without permission. Looking back and occasionally checking in to see these threads, I feel like I made the right choice. Regardless of the circumstances, not giving themselves enough buffer time looks bad. I remember when they said July 2019, then summer, then monthly delays, and it got murkier from there on out.
  6. Actually no, I don't want a large keyboard. It just has to be big enough. Old phones like my Photon Q and G2 (Desire Z) were smaller but had perfectly comfortable keyboards to type on. If you're thumb typing you want keys big enough to press but a device that's still small enough that you're not traveling far for keys. The pro1 is almost as tall and wide as an iphone Xs Max. Too big in my opinion. I still maintain they should've made the phone smaller, but what do I know?
  7. At least a little smaller. I see no reason why you need an enormous screen when you have a dedicated keyboard as well not taking up any screen space. I always thought the pro1 should've had a 5.8 inch or even 5.5 screen to make it easier to handle
  8. I thought the pro1 was big and this is even bigger. Do people not care about using their phones with one hand anymore? Wish they would work on trimming these phones down and making them more compact.
  9. I would recommend to wait. If you buy now, the support you expect just isn't there. It may improve down the road, keep checking back
  10. We haven't gotten any word about batches, how many orders they have left, when they will be in general availability. Official or otherwise
  11. Good luck with sale, but I'm hoping with more of these coming to market, the prices come down to something more reasonable. Maybe 400-500
  12. I see the new layout vs the old and I'm not kidding I can't see any difference between the two. Maybe it's tough to see in pictures
  13. Care to elaborate? Keyboard looks the same to me...
  14. This feels like the same phone with just a few minor tweaks. Biggest changes are software related. Extra ram is great, but I don't really care about the extra storage. 128gb is more than enough to start and expansion cards are cheap. Wished the saved the money or dropped the price. At 499, early birds got a great deal. But it's really tough to keep justifying the SD835. It's not getting any younger Am I missing anything here?
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