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  1. Excited to see if they're unveiling a new device or something else in the coming weeks. But since covid, they've only shipped 1 batch in September and the next one is maybe the end of October? Even assuming 10% of pre orders for the last batch, they had at least 70-80% before covid hit. How are they not into general availability yet?
  2. Maybe a new app, feature, or encryption protocol. Regardless none of that sounds too exciting, to me at least
  3. We want to be in general availability with 1-day shipping before the holidays, which means all pre-orders will be fulfilled in advance before the 24th of December. Snipped from Erik's post last November I don't recall any announcements since then that changed their overall plan of 1 day shipping, unless I'm interpreting that incorrectly.
  4. I'll believe it when I see general availability with in stock devices ready to ship, assuming that is still the goal
  5. I hope they get to general availability one day. All we keep getting are more excuses. I know corona threw things off but based on their messages factories have been open and working for months now.
  6. We don't know if the warranty transfers to the new owner though
  7. Really hoping this is true. More options is always a good thing, whether you like the form factor or not
  8. Lol maybe that's why they give you a two year warranty. 1 year of waiting
  9. Do have a clue about how many preorders are left? Assuming they're going in order I wonder what date of preorders they're at now. I guess still having orders to fill keeps demand high and that's good but I want general availability before I place my order
  10. It's not posted in the official update thread. That said, we're fast approaching 1 month from that post as well
  11. I'd like to get an official update. Last post was over a month ago.
  12. I agree, I used my modded photon q for the longest time thanks to him. Just for dev purposes, he should get first access
  13. Been over 2 weeks, would like an official update.
  14. Waited this long, I can keep waiting. I would wager it's in the company's best interests to pump these out as fast as they can and fulfill the demand.
  15. That doesn't mean anything. Right now pro1 prices are in a bubble mainly because of supply issues. Once all orders have been filled and it's not difficult to get one, prices for this phone will come down. I hope to pick one up used for a reasonable price when the dust settles.
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