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  1. Way back in the day they did mention they would eventually keep stock on hand after preorders we're filled, but a lot has changed since then. I would still consider this phone but not until they've ironed out production and after sale support. So I continue to wait.... Keep checking in every so often
  2. Good to see progress. Are they going to stick to IGG for all sales or will they eventually sell off their own website? Also, will they ever keep stock on hand or is it made to order?
  3. I just noticed fxtec website shows pro1x at 899. Indiegogo has it for 849, and the prices used to be less than that. I still remember when this phone was being advertised on the main website for 649. I know inflation, supply chain, etc. But I'm surprised the price went up so much. Especially when you consider the raw components are at least a few years old now...
  4. Coming up on 5 months without the device repaired. I would be annoyed too. Insert any excuse you want but this isn't tenable. And if they need to keep spare parts on hand for repairs, they should delay out the new orders further. Existing customers should get priority.
  5. Honestly fxtec should be more concerned about getting these approvals. If I can't use the device on a carrier of my choice, I'm not going to get it, regardless of how good or novel it is. That only limits their already limited pool of buyers
  6. If you have time and money to float, this is available with free returns from Japan https://www.ebay.com/itm/F-x-TEC-Pro1-English-Layout-5-99-Type-Curve-6GB-128GB-Black-Unlocked-Used-bz563-/194584138574?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  7. They just posted an update on their indiegogo page. Looks like production will start October
  8. SD835 is about 5-6 years old depending on when you start the clock, but I digress... While I agree that regarding raw power and specs don't matter on their own, they do matter in the context of an Android device that doesn't have vertical integration of software and hardware. Apple has proven this concept with a much more refined experience with less hardware (ram, battery, etc). Google has followed suit on this idea with their pixel line. The pro1 doesn't have the benefit of this integration, so in my opinion, the specs do matter.
  9. I wonder if th phone is covered under credit card warranty extensions
  10. I wonder if the warranty starts from purchase date or when you receive it. Either way, 1 year warranty is really not enough from a company that has this many deficiencies. Both production and post sale issues
  11. You might even want to delete the boot animation for faster boot time. Made a difference back in the cyanogen days but not sure if it still would
  12. Fingerprint sensor will be redesigned - wonder what means. I know on the Pro1 right now that is a pain point for some
  13. I told Chen about this nearly two years ago when the pro1 was still in development. Still think the device is too big but that ship sailed a long time ago. Given you have the added bulk of the keyboard the screen should be a little smaller. Maybe 5.5 - 5.8 inches. As it sits right now, the pro1 is one of the thickest, heaviest, and bulkiest phones on the market. Using a 6 inch screen doesn't help that agenda
  14. I used to root and install custom roms on my previous phones all the time. Ever since using Google pixel phones, I've stopped modifying my software. Simply put, the stock firmware just works. No glitches, no maintenance, no reboots, bugs, battery drains, etc. More than anything I can't find the time to mess around with my phone anymore, maybe a part of getting older. Modifying your phone is always fun, but for a phone that I depend on daily, it will probably stay stock. I'll be honest, I haven't missed lineage or felt the need to go back to it for years now. And it used to be my go to rom
  15. I would contend software optimization will matter more than outright processor power - at least for actual use scenarios. I hope that gap is filled. But we've hoped a lot since this started Also, @fxtec STOP giving time estimates. Just do periodic updates.
  16. Lying to customers is a terrible business strategy. Regardless I've said more than enough... I genuinely applaud anyone who is still waiting for a phone because you're supporting the idea and keep the company alive. I don't have the patience for that.
  17. They had months of delays even before covid hit.
  18. I don't understand their fascination with over promising and under delivering - repeatedly. You would think they learn from mistakes...
  19. Until we have reliable data showing phones are getting delivered in the timeframe they themselves are saying, I won't be placing a new order. I cancelled my preorder November 2019, 4 months in after multiple delays. Brilliant phone or not I don't like my money being borrowed without permission. Looking back and occasionally checking in to see these threads, I feel like I made the right choice. Regardless of the circumstances, not giving themselves enough buffer time looks bad. I remember when they said July 2019, then summer, then monthly delays, and it got murkier from there on out.
  20. Actually no, I don't want a large keyboard. It just has to be big enough. Old phones like my Photon Q and G2 (Desire Z) were smaller but had perfectly comfortable keyboards to type on. If you're thumb typing you want keys big enough to press but a device that's still small enough that you're not traveling far for keys. The pro1 is almost as tall and wide as an iphone Xs Max. Too big in my opinion. I still maintain they should've made the phone smaller, but what do I know?
  21. At least a little smaller. I see no reason why you need an enormous screen when you have a dedicated keyboard as well not taking up any screen space. I always thought the pro1 should've had a 5.8 inch or even 5.5 screen to make it easier to handle
  22. I thought the pro1 was big and this is even bigger. Do people not care about using their phones with one hand anymore? Wish they would work on trimming these phones down and making them more compact.
  23. I would recommend to wait. If you buy now, the support you expect just isn't there. It may improve down the road, keep checking back
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