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  1. Used to have this issue. Installed an app called ultimate rotation control to deal with the rotation. Working perfectly for my use case.
  2. No complains. But my usage these few days were in a home setting. But I have to say, the qc really charges it up fast.
  3. It is premium looking and feeling. But I feel that the current state of software in the phone is more for enthusiasts as the experience isn't as polished as I would like it to be.
  4. Yeap, i did. Perhaps i should not update, maybe it might work for me?
  5. I can attest to this. Same thing happened, even after factory resetting it twice.
  6. I replicated the auto rotate bug in Gon009 video. I tried it with chrome -Auto rotate off -Landscape lock on But when i use google maps, outlook, it work as intended, reverting to portrait once the keyboard is closed.
  7. wow, hi, i'm from singapore. Depends on your order.......... Could be any time before cny
  8. Hey, interesting concept... smaller keyboard would be better for usage on the go.
  9. btw, i wonder how good will the camera be ? Any info about the performance of the camera unit that is used in the phone ?
  10. beautiful piece of tech. Now where can i find a privacy screen protector for this piece of sexy tech?
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