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  1. You know my story. Cancelled my preorder when they Said no Scandi. Now scandi will be available later on. Should I preproder again or wait since I can’t select scandi. Would be so much rasket if we had a scandi option.
  2. Thats was not there when I got mails from them. Then they can’t stop anyone from sharing since they should’t send it in the first place if it wasen’t officiell. It’s a support Mail.
  3. No need to ask fo permission. The info mail is FX official account. Just share it.
  4. They have the right to set the price as they go but consumers will react to It and they will get less buyers. Both wait and pay more is great way scare of customers. Black Friday deal 599 Euro for Scandinavian qwerty. That would boost sale.
  5. Usually the preorders pay more and tech lose market value within months if not weeks. I was among the first pre-orders and now I’m not even in the queue. Why should I pay more to get last in line?
  6. I did pre-order but when I asked I was told no scandi so I cancelled. Then a week later they announce scandi coming up in a few weeks. That could happen. But I won’t pay more for it. If anything we should pay less.
  7. I’m happy to read that hopefully that true. Maybe my cancellation and reason made them to look in the the pool and this thread. Very good news. Maybe I have to place a new order then.
  8. Absolutely, FX needs to sell some phones. So if they would have provided a Scandinavian qwerty you would most likely bought that anyway, but buyers like me that are equally satisfied with a n900 and random high end device will look elsewhere. So it all boils down to why they didn’t provided a Scandinavian qwerty. If it was the cost it hard to argue. If they didn’t provided due to low demand I think they misread the situation.
  9. The north is not that small when it comes to devices like this. The bad part for us is that some people going for qwertz instead of waiting for a real qwerty of the north.
  10. Indeed. Trade-off everywhere l you go. It’s to bad all the Scandinavian users didn’t for a band of users. Thet way we would have the power of the scandi QWERTY. Hopefully pro1 devs relalize the mistake and release a scandi version at some point. Without most buttons where they belong.
  11. Everyone can use QWERTY too. But it’s not as good as a Scandinavian QWERTY like the n900. Qwertz need to be adjusted. Decided to cancel pre-order rather than pay and hope that many people want a dedicated layout for pro1 or potential sequel.
  12. Got the replay from pro1 support. Scandinavian qwerty will not be available. Please make your voice heard about scandi layout for next device so Fx/pro team change that.
  13. https://www.ustream.tv/channel/8wtQe37JPYH think they said that they would start tsking money next week and a first pay first ship schedule and aiming to ship first week in september. Where is that scandi qwerty?
  14. No, I’m not reading anymore due to this random delay. But I like you Eske. You answer always fast. Keep it up.
  15. The haven’t posted my latast post for a long time now. Is this how Pro1 team will work going forward. Sad to see.
  16. I dont understand the reason behind this forum. Anyone from Fx actually comments? The status of this summer release seems to be more a winter release?
  17. Scandinavian layout at release? Give the vote many people will most likley not going for a Pro1 without that.
  18. Both important and not so important. That’s the kind of stuff that differs between a toy and a quality device.
  19. That’s party true. Also the [email protected][]{}... I might go with onSreen devices instead. Qwerty is the only feature of this device so that must be perfect.
  20. Would appreciate any comments regarding Scandinavian QWERTY from FX. Basically a YES/NO would be enough so I can look elsewhere during the summer. Thank you.
  21. Hardly doubt it’s cancelled. The summer is already here so changing from July to this summer doesn’t really matter. The reason behind it might. Let’s wait and see what FX communicate in the next tweet.
  22. Didn’t vote. But I would vote for swedish qwerty layout. Or scandic.
  23. I have read most things regarding keyboard layouts and have finally decided that qwertz trade-off not good enough for me. I do understand they can’t please everyone so I ready to wait and see some more country specific layout will appear. Do I need to cancel my preOrder or can I just ignore the payment mail and FX understand that I wait for next generation QWERTY? Hope to see this device ready next month.
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