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  1. From the spec, 720G also doesn't have video out. I would rather choose one that does, like 730G for instance.
  2. The back moves around 2mm outwards on hard close. The sticker stays in place regardless. This doesn't happen with any of the other stickers/panel edges. Keyboard-wise stickers are also almost a mm inset in the panel, so hard to pry off without destroying them. I'll take a closer look tonight, but my guess is that some screws were skipped while the phones were assembled. The other possible option is that the hard open slams the screen part to the keyboard part so hard, that it breaks the plastic that the screw is screwed in. Hoping that the screw is just missing.
  3. Unfortunately it dislodges again with every harder keyboard open. I'm beginning to suspect there is no screw under that cap. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  4. Mine also did this until I pressed the screen front and back - the proximity sensor started working better and black out the screen. Check my previous post above this one (okay - the last on the previous page:).
  5. I had the same problem when I received my phone today - actually I had to press my ear firmly to the phone, regardless if open or closed. After much fiddling with it and test software, turned out that the plastic behind the upper left part of the phone (behind the screen, not on the keyboard body) has been loose. When I pressed it with fingers behind and in front of the screen, it went "click" and the receiver audio suddenly started working all the time. This is interesting as there is supposed to be a screw there - it has one of the screw caps that are all over the screen back. Can somebody t
  6. Okay, now I get why the local Fedex representative scheduled the delivery for 4th of February. It was finely tuned - the package arrived on 27-th, they contacted me on 29-th?, I've sent the documents couple of hours later, they contacted me that I need to pay VAT on 31-st?. I wrote them "Okay, I know that VAT was included as noted in the order and the company is registered in UK, but if you insist, I'll contact them to reimburse me.". One hour later they wrote that everything is in order and VAT is not required. The package was released from Customs on 3-rd and the delivery was on 4-th of Febr
  7. My package had seen places. It passed through Japan, France, then managed to sneak in a Fedex location in Cologne, Germany, then returned to Roissy, France, travelled to another France location, then to Grรขce-Hollogne, Belgium, before finally arriving to Sofia. Here's a hope it arrives with some country stickers all over it. ๐Ÿ˜
  8. Tracking number from Fedex with arrival date of 4th February. Seems they're using camels for delivery.
  9. Yeah, tell that to, for instance, backer #17, I'm sure he will also appreciate it. Planet's communication may be sent often, but it doesn't contain any substantial information such as why such things happen. So it is similar to Fxtec, just with more words. Anyway, the point of my original post was different.
  10. I really doubt PC have delivered over 3500 Cosmos and they didn't cover all their initial backers from previous November/December, which were less than half that number.
  11. Just to cheer you up - Cosmo Communicator did their IGG campaign in November 2018. First shipping was expected in May 2019, They actually started shipping at the end of November. I'm backer 4xx and still waiting. Meanwhile people ordered this December on their own site started receiving their orders around New Year. ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. QWERTY, EU, with coupon, order# 51xx, still Processing.
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