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  1. thanks for the tip. i was able to lock the device again safely and then unlocked it once more but still no dice. fastboot wont let me flash a custom recovery or the old stock firmware. if i try to choose a slot it says that slots aren't supported on the device
  2. device still boots fine. ADB runs as soon it the device starts and i usually just use adb reboot bootloader to get to fastboot. if i try to unlock the device again with fastboot it just says its already unlocked
  3. C:\platform-tools>fastboot -aa Setting current slot to 'a' FAILED (remote: 'Invalid Slot') fastboot: error: Command failed doesnt seem to want to do anything
  4. so it wont let me reflash the stock firmware.. C:\platform-tools>fastboot flash boot lineage-16.0-20200727-recovery-pro1.img -v fastboot: error: Failed to identify current slot C:\platform-tools>fastboot flash boot_a lineage-16.0-20200727-recovery-pro1.img -v fastboot: verbose: target didn't report max-download-size fastboot: error: cannot get boot partition size C:\platform-tools>fastboot flash devcfg_a devcfg.mbn -v fastboot: verbose: target reported max download size of 536870912 bytes Sending 'devcfg_a' (56 KB) FAILED (remote: 'unkn
  5. i found the fastboot flashing unlock part around here somewhere when i had issues with that so my bootloader is already unlocked. ill see about restoring the stock firmware
  6. first thing i tried was using a usb2.0 slot instead of a usb3.0 but no dice. fastboot seemed to be working and not freezing. my phone has the latest update. if i can, which version do you recommend i rollback to?
  7. so im a little lost. first time trying to install this. unlocked bootloader but it wont let me flash the recovery. i get an error "cannot get boot partition size". all ive done so far is follow the instructions on the lineageos wiki. heres what i've tried: C:\platform-tools>fastboot flash boot_a lineage-16.0-20200727-recovery-pro1.img fastboot: error: cannot get boot partition size C:\platform-tools>fastboot flash boot lineage-16.0-20200727-recovery-pro1.img fastboot: error: cannot get boot partition size
  8. i never fixed my sms issues. adb wasnt hooking properly with my device when connected over usb3 (probably need to use usb2?). ive had to use adb before on my old droid 4 but that was on an old machine. since i dont do this often enough i dont remember how to set it up and i dont have as much time as i did back then so im just patiently waiting for magical software updates from tdm (lineageOS) or fxtech.
  9. i guess there is no winning for me. i saw that the audio issue is fixed for LOS but im on verizon and i dont want to give up my grandfathered data. regardless, thanks @tdm for the work you've put into this so far.
  10. i cant deny that im also frustrated with the device namely because i, too, was excited when i received it and then after a day of fiddling with it it became painfully obvious that the software was severely unrefined and that the curved edge made it hard to use. the curved edge is absolutely horrible. when chen revealed this "feature" i was extremely disappointed. i cant comprehend how people actually like this design choice as all i experienced was consciously trying to avoid touching the edge because it just makes you open stuff on accident. the keyboard layout is poor mainly beca
  11. can you please post a guide and perhaps a link to download the factory image from october? i have the same issue as spence and dont care to restart the device since i havent even had the chance to use it past a few hours
  12. device is completely stock. when i initially set it up texting worked but i moved the sim back into my moto z3 as i wasnt ready to start migrating my stuff yet. once i migrated my apps and what not i moved my sim back into the pro1 and sms no longer worked. i did a factory reset through the settings and even after setting up again sms no longer works. i thought it might be an app issue so i deleted cache and data from the texting app but no luck. MMS comes in fine does anyone have any input? again. this is entirely stock i never made any attempts to alter the device
  13. a few things ive noticed 1. audio has static/cracking noise in full screen games. this is through the speakers or through earphones. havent tested BT 2. if i open teamviewer and try remoting to my pc the phone will hard reset. after numerous tries ive been able to get it to work but its like 1 out of 5 times. it does seem to connect as i get the message on my pc about the connection so i believe it has to do with rendering the video? 3. playing videos with MX player will occasionally hard reset the phone as well. the audio does not stutter. this was using the software codec (cpu
  14. texting stopped working for me. i initially set up the device and followed the instructions using the dialer advanced settings and it all worked well. i confirmed texting and calling worked after i flicked the provision tags and rebooted. the same day i removed the sim to place it back into my moto z3 because i wasnt ready to start using the pro1 and just left it as is with no sim, just wifi. when i finally migrated stuff and put the sim in texting no longer works. mms seems to be fine and all the provisional tags have been enabled again (they turned themselves off) just as i did whe
  15. brand new pro1 it just arrived today. i turned it on and when i got home i put in my verizon sim after skipping the initial setup. went through the advanced menu to toggle votle and data/calling works fine but wifi will not connect. if i add my home network it just says saved and never attempts to connect. i downloaded all the latest updates for the stock device and nothing. any ideas? edit: it looks like it works under 2.4ghz but not 5ghz. i was under the impression this device supports both?
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