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  1. Hi All, So I have finally made some time to expand the /home storage on my Pro1X. Piggz gave me the instructions on discord some weeks ago (and echoed here a few posts above), but they were suitably vague. I will share what I did, though it may or may not be wise to do the same. I bumbled my way through, not carefully considered my way through. EDIT: I should have noted that this will delete all your /home, so back up anything of importance. On the SFOS install i ran as devel-su "resize2fs /dev/sda13" as per @GoaSkin instructions here. I had to replace the stock recovery
  2. I have no experience in 3d printing, but think one of these for the Pro1X with the SFOS logo would be great. I have had a look at on demand 3d printers in Australia, but haven't seen anyone printing with PETG as recommended. Does anyone know where I could get one printed? Thanks so much,
  3. That seems like good advice Suicidal Orange. I too manage to resize my Xperia X / storage thanks to Olf’s well written guide. No shortage of / space on the Pro1X at the minute! Seems to be well over 120GB.
  4. Hi @GoaSkin, Did you have any more luck changing the size of the home folders? I have been wanting to sort out this before I start using this phone. I asked on discord and @piggzshared some thoughts: For the partition size, you could try the following Boot into recovery adb shell mount userdata delete the file etc/sailfish-device-encryption-community/config.ini edit the file etc/sailfish-device-encryption-community/devices.ini and change the size as required delete home.img reboot However, I have been able to get into adb shell. My device is 'unauthorised'. To this, Piggz suggested
  5. Thanks @matf. This is a fantastic heads up. My Pro1X is in transit, and I will be keen to try out SFOS. Any updates as you discover more would be fantastic. In settings>SIM cards, you can probably turn off the sim 2 slot if you are not using it. Also, the screenshot of the storage looks odd indeed. So much (wasted) space in to system data partition. And missing space elsewhere? It doesn’t seem to add up to 256? Perhaps some work is needed on the partitions? Thanks again for posting a status. It looks great!
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