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  1. Thanks everyone, I tried the form on their website with a different email provider and it worked, even human response. So I sent them all emails this way again.
  2. Thanks everyone. That is strange, I am also emailing them to [email protected], but I haven't received even the auto response for the last year. Perhaps some spam filter? What email provider are you using?
  3. Hi, I'd like to check if there someone who has received any answer from fxtec recently. I've sent them several emails during almost the whole last year without any answer. Thanks
  4. Hi, does anyone experienced problems with sdcard on Pro1X? I replaced mine with a bigger one (256 GiB) and the phone doesn't detect none since then. Not even the old one. Both are perfectly fine in other devices. dmesg gives me "-110 card never left the busy state" error message, regardless of the operating system (I tried Sailfish, Lineage, stock Android). This often indicates a dead card, but as mentioned, both I tried are working well in other devices. It looks like hw problem to me. Anybody experienced something like this? I tried to contact fxtec as well, but I suppose it is futi
  5. @claude0001 yes, that is exactly what I am looking for. Why? Well I don't want to create any false expectation, everything I have is barely a PoC - I am trying to implement something like kexec (the actual kexec doesn't work and fixing it requires at least good knowledge of the HW, so I decided to try something else) to be able to boot different systems without flashing them. The LineageOS recovery starts fine, but the stock doesn't. I'd like to debug that, but to do that I need, as you wrote, the exact building configuration. And before someone asks:) - yes I know, that there
  6. No, what I am looking are those specific changes done by the vendor. Linux is GPL licenced, so this should be also available.
  7. Sorry, that I didn't mention it, I am asking about Pro1x and, of course, not the code for the whole system (I wouldn't expect to get that), only the kernel. I know about Lineage, but there is some difference. I am doing some experiments and Lineage kernel is working fine, but the stock one not. So I'd like to have to code to do some debugging. The difference may be just configuration, but without the code it is difficult to say.
  8. Hi, does anyone know if the kernel source code for stock Android is available to download somewhere? Thanks
  9. No problem. BTW this has been in the UT kernel repository since March, just the linux submodule in SFOS one is pointing to an old commit. I noticed after solving on my own 🙂 I have attached 3 patches, but I am not completely sure if they should be integrated into official build, they are useful mostly for debugging. They disable the panic reboot into EDL and enable the ramoops pstore, so the panic log can be found after reboot in /sys/fs/pstore. I chose the address for the storage from one the segments marked as System RAM in /proc/iomem. I am not sure if it is a good choice, but i
  10. The waydroid crash should be fixed by this: diff --git a/drivers/android/binderfs.c b/drivers/android/binderfs.c index 14a4bef358cd..3fd7cf48c39e 100644 --- a/drivers/android/binderfs.c +++ b/drivers/android/binderfs.c @@ -448,6 +448,7 @@ static int binderfs_binder_ctl_create(struct super_block *sb) inode->i_uid = info->root_uid; inode->i_gid = info->root_gid; + refcount_set(&device->ref, 1); device->binderfs_inode = inode; device->miscdev.minor = minor; The edl reboot and pstore console is more complicated and I need to
  11. I`ve found solution for the waydroid crashes - https://cdn.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v5.x/ChangeLog-5.4.28 specifically the commit https://cdn.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v5.x/ChangeLog-5.4.28. It is a one line change and it works. I'll provide more soon, but now I am busy with other things. I wanted to share at least the experimental boot image, but I can attach max 2MB files. Any suggestion for a sharing platform?
  12. Hi, after many tries I was finally able to bypass the edl panic reboot and enable th psram console. If you are interested in details, let me know, but right now I am not even sure which of my changes are necessary for this. Anyway I have the panic log from the waydroid crash, see the attached file. And now debug what is happenning... waydroid_crash.log
  13. A little update: 1) the after panic reboot to edl seems to be by design this way. Why edl reset doesn't work is still unclear to me. 2) the empty /proc/last_kmsg is probably because there is no PSTORE, hopefully PSTORE_RAM will work otherwise I'll have to learn how to get the information from the edl. I am going to learn how to compile the kernel for this thing:)
  14. Hi, I tried to do some analysis of the waydroid crashes and I've found this: 1) when waydroid is terminated, most probably the kernel panics 2) the phone reboots as it should, but enters the edl mode 3) I cannot get from the edl mode in any other way than hardreboot (holding the power button long enough), edl reset doesn't work. I've even tried different --resetmode values. 4) most probably as a reason for 2) and 3) the /proc/last_kmsg is empty after the reboot 5) if I try to force the panic in recovery mode in userdebug recovery from fxtec, the behavior is the sa
  15. Hi, I am just curious - how the keyboard is constructed? My feeling is that the buttons are just somehow glued to the flexible part. Any experience with well they are attached?
  16. Hi, does someone know, how to change the wifi regulatory domain? The iw reg set doesn't seem to help, I still miss two wifi channels, which worked with stock android. I guess it may have sometning to do with the ueventd reporing this: [11858.906940] ueventd: firmware: could not find firmware for regulatory.db [11858.907011] ueventd: firmware: attempted /etc/firmware/regulatory.db, open failed: No such file or directory [11858.907071] ueventd: firmware: attempted /odm/firmware/regulatory.db, open failed: No such file or directory [11858.907130] ueventd: firmware: attempted /vend
  17. Hi, since my Pro1X has arrived recently I'd like to make sure I understand this correctly, so: the persist (and other) partition can be backed up using edl. the backup of persist partition is useless, because restoring doesn't guarantee the attestation keys to work it is not necessary to do 2) because the problem with keys is only with selinux context, which can be fixed by restorecon command (I suppose root access on the device is needed) why should I backup specifically those 5 partitions? What is interesting on the remaining 4? I have a backup, I am just curiou
  18. Hi, the device looks great (except the round display edges, but I understand you can make everyone happy). I have some questions: 1) what currency will be used for my order? The price is the same in several currencies and that makes quite a difference. 2) I suppose you will ship the device to EU countries. What is the shipping cost (roughly) ? Where is the device shipped from (because of tax and duty)? 3) what is the warranty? Will be the warranty void by installing an unofficial system? 4) will you sell some screen protectors (foil, tampered glass, etc.)? Thank you Pavel
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