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  1. This happened both on Aukey PA-U32 and PA-T16. If you disconnect and connect back, it may start charging quickly.
  2. Check what format they have? Currently pro1 cannot read exFat
  3. Recently had an issue with charging, using two different Aukey chargers one with QC support, another without. Will post pictures later. Though I could not reproduce it every time, I managed to take photo's during one of the issue occurence. Phone was charging with 5.00V and 0.02-0.08A. On screen it appeared charging slowly, estimated time for full charge 1 day 17 hours. Battery was about 14%. Did not manage to reproduce using stock charger.
  4. I have requested return of device. Support is not responding. Cases are 3462 and 3343. Two weeks period since delivery ends today.
  5. ncvb

    Displaying Black

    Apologies for multi posting. Both screens brightness set to ~10%; Black fill is not black anymore 😞
  6. As for me, if you set brightness of pro1 lesser than 50%, black colour on pro1 screen turns to dark green, while priv maintains real black whatever brightness is set. Can it be fixed by software update or there is application which can fix that?
  7. Have the same, looks awful. Is it software issue, or we just have bad AMOLED?
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