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  1. We have a great GPS application with offline support and it supports OSM, but indeed it is difficult to get a GPS fix in SailfishOS since the Mozilla location thingie has been discontinued (very long and how long it'll take is hard to predict). Android apps can be run with compatiblity layers: either the official one (proprietary and not available for community ports normally, but tinkerers found ways to use it if they had a paid licence aside from the port) or Waydroid (free and open source). They have some limitations which usually are related to hardware access (camera, BT) or apps that hav
  2. Ha, I've tried that on SFOS too to cope with the lack of video out, but (1) performance was bad, and (2) I thought it beat the point anyway since a computer is needed (even if it can be a low cost one such as an SBC, in that case I'm probably better off booting Linux from it directly). Interesting to hear that performance was better in your case with a different setup. As for the native ecosystem, there are indeed both pros and cons with SailfishOS. Having many GNU/Linux tools and a terminal with full access to the system out of the box is great for instance, but indeed it's hard to find
  3. You're not the only one, I've been using my Pro1 as a laptop more than a phone since February 2020 (but using a different setup, my host is Sailfish)! And I am not ready to stop anytime soon, the Pro1 really is great at that use case. :] Very happy to see that there are more and more solutions to achieve similar results.
  4. I am not objective, but I recommend the video in this thread: Desktop Linux on Pro1 without sacrificing telephony: LXC containers in SailfishOS (video) (and check also other videos from the same profile on Youtube, there is a shorter one and a couple others showing Debian in action within SFOS). If HDMI-out was working on Sailfish, I'd say it could be used as a pocket laptop (which I already use it as) and a kind of NUC onto which you'd plug a display and full keyboard. The community has been working towards that goal, but no idea when/if this will be done. Linux + HDMI-out can alrea
  5. Please don't hesitate to star the instructions on gist.github.com to make them easier to find by others directly from a search engine.
  6. Hey, I'm Kabouik from TMO but I admit I rarely check the F(x)tec forum nowadays, my interest is still very high but there are just too many forums to check (even on TMO, it goes in cycles with sometimes several months without checking :/). Thanks for posting that here Fxtecish! pmOS on Pro¹ is still immature, but as said in the post, it's a nice milestone and it also facilitates flashing mainline on the Pro¹ (though keep in mind mainline is not ready yet, but at least it's ready enough to boot distros like pmOS). Hopefully this will also attract more developers, including the Maemo Leste
  7. Very happy to see that you got yourself a Pro1 HengYe, and even better, one in mint condition! Also glad to see that this time we don't lose anyone, since DieBruine will use a Pro1x and stay with us! (Now you have a good reason to restore your Discord-Matrix bridge.)
  8. I missed the previous mint-condition unit sold by DieBruine and so I'm very interested, but I'm a bit concerned about customs fees (I'm in EU). Does anyone know if the fact that the initial bill came from a EU company (at the time) with prepaid VAT (for EU customers at least, not sure if they made different paperwork for US customers) could help mitigating the cost?
  9. matf

    Sailfish OS for 2021

    Absolutely. I think now it's only a matter of downloading the image, extracting it, and executing the supplied .sh script. On Windows, one would copy the content of the script and execute things one by one (or use WSL, or convert to .bat, I guess). Note however that users have reported that the late ≥4.0 images do not work and would end up in a boot loop. Adam is on it, but no update has been posted yet. The way to go for now is therefore to flash an older image somewhere between 3.4 and 4.0, and then use OTA update. I haven't tried, but other users on Discord can probably elaborate.
  10. May I be the next on the waiting list? I know there's pretty much no hope to get it, but never know. I bought a spare Pro1 second hand last February but it turned out to be broken and unrepairable, so I'm still with no fully working Pro1 spare, and I don't see myself surviving without one.
  11. The good news is we now have more time to convince them about improved layouts. :> I must admit I was secretly hoping the March production batches would be delayed, so that we could at least get some feedback on the layouts suggestions that were sent, and a chance for Nordic and Azerty backers to see what they purchased before delivery.
  12. I could wait even longer. The Pro1x is a device I plan on using for years, it's an investment for the long term and being niche, I know it won't get iterations and updates every year. I'd rather wait years and have it finally delivered with no compromises. An older SOC is not an issue for me, I plan on using mainline eventually, which also answers the question on whether I care about certification (however, I believe having Android as an option really increased the backer base and was therefore likely a sound decision). My plan is to use the device to run Mobile Linux, meaning it's best if the
  13. I like the shifted keyboard! Especially on Sailfish since there is no toolbar on the right of the screen (in landscape), so having hands properly centred on the keyboard is great. I'll make an opinion on unshifted when I get my Pro1x, but I really hope they take the community feedback/suggestions into account when placing / and ? keys. :/
  14. You're implying I suggested it. I did not, I think I even wrote the opposite, and I didn't detail how to do it either. What I did say is there is no technical/hardware limitation to running Alien Dalvik and other paid Sailfish X software on a Pro1, as was also posted by others on Twitter, including a former Jolla employee. However I made it clear that there are commercial and legal limitations (i.e., the licence cannot be purchased and flashed to anything else than an official device, which in turns creates technical barriers), this is not a secret in any way. I encouraged buying a licenc
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