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  1. Hello, no problem. According to service manual, I believe the sensor should be removable by heat gun, but don't do it. I must say, after using gesture to unlock, instead of fingerprint, the unlocking process is much faster (even though less secure).
  2. Recording using Skvalex works, you can hear both sides, but quality of the other side is sometimes bad and hard to understand. I wonder if any of the many settings can fix it...
  3. Really? That would be amazing, thanks. Where do you live though? I suppose we should move this conversation to private messages. It does not matter if it will take until Christmas. So much is happening in my life right now, it will be in no time. Regarding the adding of distance to button - some repair shop I found already fixed that, but thanks for ideas. The liquid coating I managed to find seems to be only for heavy duty purposes, such as roofs and floors.
  4. Thanks, Doktor, I suppose that is enough to go by. I will try to contact support, than 👍
  5. Kind of positive development since that - I found repair shop which were able to do just that - append a piece of thin duct tape to the FPC button. Small problem now that it does not do the nice "click" feedback when pressed, the pressing is kinda muddy, but still better than I would have managed. @EskeRahn - if I would contact support, could they send me the spare fingerprint reader? Or do I have to always send the whole phone? Thanks
  6. Hello, everything started with one problem - the stock camera app froze right after start and even though OpenCamera did show the camera input, it was not able to focus. My idea was that the problem is in the software, so I backed up everything valuable, than loaded LineageOS. As you probably guess, the problem was still there. I believe that fingerprint sensor did work at this stage before first opening correctly. So I opened the phone, having no clue, what to do. But Heureka! I found one of the camera connector completely disconnected. So I connected it back and the camera started
  7. Hello, I have dropped my Pro1, which caused ugly dent in bottom cover. Even though screen itself survived scratchless, it stopped working. So I got into disassembly expecting something visibly broken inside, but I could not find anything. The only damage were scratches caused by me trying to get inside the phone 😀. I knew the software was still working, because I could hear morning alarm and all kind of notification noises. Than I noticed the screen replacement on AliExpress had the connector on the side, so this was the final solution: I just disconnected and reconnec
  8. Ordered: 4-Aug-2019 Received: 5-Aug-2020 I just now realized, it took almost exactly a year 😀. It arrived right before my vacation, so now I finally have time to post this.
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